Toolio is a level 70 Night Elf Hunter on the Jaedenar (US) server. He is known for posting his original humorous articles on the World of Warcraft [official realm forums] every Tuesday during maintenance down time. The weekly story is dubbed "Tuesday w/ Toolio" and is often referenced as TwT.

His initial writings were sporadic and lacked the TwT adage, but after a few initial posts he coined the title to keep people coming back weekly.

In February of 2008 Toolio informed the server that he was done playing the game but can still be seen posting on the forums to this day.

"I'll soon leave for an unknown amount of time to do some humanitarian work in New Orleans/Mississippi. Combined with a new career move, school, and our second child on the way, the amalgamation of life interfering with my leisure has forced me to throw in the towel and end my WoW journey. It's abrupt and not the way I would have liked for it to happen, but it's in my best interest to just /uninstall as I lack the restraint required to play casually."

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