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Warsong Gulch Edit

Arathi Basin Edit

Alterac Valley Edit

**The strategies contained below do not reflect the significant changes to AV introduced in patch 2.3 and therefore should not be used as an accurate tactical guide.**

Essential things to Do/Know Edit

Alterac Valley is quite simply a race. The slower team loses. Any measures that can be take to expedite node captures and general progression to end goals should be taken.

Leading the Raid Edit

If someone wants to Lead the raid. Promote them to lead. Then listen to the Leader. If they know what they are talking about let them lead and follow the instructions.

Node Defenders Edit

You may not think defense has anything to do with making your push across the valley, but you would be wrong. Leaving 3-5 defenders at a node to ensure that it is captured is essential because it will prevent setbacks. Graveyards need to be held until another(better positioned) is taken. For example (horde side) Stonehearth GY should have 4-5 Defenders until Stormpike is Captured, not contested, Captured. Those defenders should then move to Stormpike to make sure that node is held. NEVER LEAVE ANY CONTESTED NODES IF YOU ARE THE LAST PERSON THERE. There should always be at least 2 people on defense at a contested node, graveyards need more because there are such essential points.

Backfield Defenders Edit

As for Defenders that are trying to slow or prevent the other factions captures, there should never be more than 5-8 in a 40 man group and 8 only when there is a good chance that you can win, otherwise you are prolonging a game you are likely unable to win losing honor and faction for both sides. Use your map to see how many defenders you already have in the backfield. These people are essential because they prevent stealth captures and can on occasion retake nodes left undefended by the opposing team causing huge setbacks in the enemy progress especially if it is their most forward Graveyard. A group of 5 friends (people who know how to play with one another) is best. They have the highest chance of causing significant disruption to the enemy advance.

Defending your General Edit

For the Sake of Both Teams, Do This ONLY If you have a STRONG Chance of Winning. Your Towers/Bunkers and Relief Hut/Aid Station have been taken. The enemy is massing just outside the keep. You are basically S.O.L. Not entirely true. Send three priests and a warlock and you've bought yourself another 15 minutes. Getting into the keep will be the hardest part try and have all 4 people go at the same time. Use your AV trinkets. For the priests, Put on every buff you have, face the direction of the keep entrance, shield yourself and click the trinket. (always use your trinket even if it is on cooldown it will be faster) You will likely be under fire the moment you port in. Drop a fear if it is needed, reshield yourself and make like mad for the keep. Once inside you can cause real disruption. It's all about FEAR. If you can get the elites surrounding your General to get pulled in mass outside into the awaiting enemy forces it has good chance of wiping them out creating more time for your team.

Postion a priest at either entrance to the room, if you anyone get close and look like they are going to pull a single warmaster those individuals need to be killed immediately to prevent single pulls. FEAR them. Try to put the enemy between you and your General and fear. The go say hi to the General and he 2 shots them. Priests can also MC players into the Generals room and let them go. They get the beat down. Continue to fear and disrupt enemy attacks as soon as their players come looking around those corners. Don't give them time to mass up for the kill. Remember to spam Holy Nova on occassion so tag any rogue sneaking in. If you are Horde make sure to dispel Hammer of Justice (Paladin Stun) off other priests asap so they can get back to safety. Support each other, and rez one another if possible to make sure you get back into the keep.


Cannon Fodder. When cannons/artillery are used in war they almost guarantee the death of the front line of the enemy. However if the enemy can push forward in mass, there is not time to kill them all before the cannons can be overtaken. We expend soldiers as simple fodder to push forward to an objective. They were just bodies to take bullets as the advance continued. Same thing in Alterac Valley. If you're in the front of a push for a node, expect to die, but realize it is helping your team. HOWEVER, IF YOU STOP 30 YARDS FROM A NODE AND START FIGHTING YOU ARE HELPING THE OTHER TEAM BUILD A WALL THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO BREAK. Stay mounted and ride right to the Node you are capturing, if it is a bunker let it kick you off your mount as you ride right into the Bunker.

This accomplishes 2 major things.

Number One Edit

The Enemy has to kill you otherwise you can capture the node. They will focus on you because you are the #1 threat at that moment. That focus NEEDS to be taken advantage of by your teamates and they need to rush in behind you. This may mean that 3-5 people are simply going to die. (You get to be the Cannon Fodder) You need to realize that is alright and necessary to speed things up. Priests and Warriors especially should drop their fears right in the middle of the Enemy. This will disrupt their defensive measures allowing your teammates to close in on the node unhindered and allow them to begin killing the enemy before the can even defend themselves.

Number Two Edit

Once the gap to the flag/node has been opened and your team is all around multiple people can begin attempting to capture. If you have CC/Fear to prevent the enemy defenders from getting close enough to disrupt a capture save it for that to give them more time. Mages/Priest are the primary target when you are trying to cap a node, kill them first because they can stop all captures with one click of a button (AE).

A quick node capture will prevent enemy respawns and cause them to have a pretty good distance to travel to get back to defend the node. Likely too late. If the GY is rushed and taken within the first 30 seconds after the enemy dies you will avoid any enemy players to respawn locally. This is why the initially push at the beginning of the game is so essential.

NOT Fighting on the Roads Edit

DO NOT STOP TO FIGHT ON ROADS. FIGHT ONLY AT NODES. If you are being attacked/killed, try to Hamstring, Wingclip, Fear, Frost Nova, Travel Form, Kidney Shot + Sprint or whatever else to get away. If you see a friend getting killed/attacked... LET THEM DIE AND PUSH PAST THE ENEMY TO THE NODE.

Horde AV Edit

Offense Edit

As soon as the gates are open everyone needs to head directly to Stonehearth Graveyard. The reason is to make the capture of Nodes faster and prevent Alliance forces from getting significant amounts of defense to the Graveyard is time to prevent a quick capture by Horde forces. This capture is essential to the speed of the entire match. It is ok to leave the Stonehearth Bunker for later! Capturing that GY will give you an excellent staging point to capture the Bunker if there is heavy defense at the bunker. If there is not heavy defense it will be easy for 3 horde players to go back and hold the node until it is captured.

Order of Objectives to be Taken
(DO NOT TAKE SNOWFALL - This will slow your progress down. Iceblood GY is closer to your objectives.)

  • Stonehearth Graveyard - Take this in the initial rush, Leave 4-5 to Defend until captured, at least 3 after that
  • Stoneheart Bunker - Have 3-5 Fall back and take this node, 2-3 Stay to defend
  • Icewing Bunker/Belinda - 5 to Belinda, the rest hit the Bunker
  • Stormpike - Leave 3 to Defend Icewing and Everyone else rush the Stormpike Node. AVOID FIGHTING ON ROADS!!
  • Dun Baldar North Bunker - Take North, leave 5 until the Aid Station is secured or this node is destroyed you will have alliance constantly trying to take back Stormpike and the two bunkers. DO NOT DESERT THE NODE.
  • Dun Baldar South Bunker - Leave 5 on D here as well
  • Aid Station - Do not attempt to take this until after stormpike is captured unless there are VERY few defenders. The reason is you get sent all the way back to SH GY and it will take you quite a while to get back. When you do rush this node to take it, GET ON THE NODE. Avoid aggroing other NPCs. STAY CLEAR OF THE KEEP. Now is a really bad time to get Marshals. Push the Alliance defender back into their GY and keep them their while your teamates cap the node.
  • HOLD STORMPIKE - As soon as the Aid Station is Contested you NEED to expect a large rush on Stormpike. All the alliance defenders will be coming from their zone in to hit Stormpike, reinforcements NEED to be sent back to Stormpike to make sure it is held. 8-12 recommended until it settles down.

Alliance AV Edit

Offense Edit

Order of Objectives to be Taken

Druid WSG Edit

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Druid AB Edit

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Hunter WSG Edit

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Hunter AB Edit

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Mage WSG Edit

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Mage AB Edit

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