Penguinmasta Legacy Edit

It all started In Oct. of 2006. Wickedsense was created. A Gnome Warlock on the Server of Hellscream. Wickedsense hurried to 60 and started his journey. He joined a guild named Heavens Wrath in his 30's, whch later kicked him out for no good reason. Later on he made a deal with the guild leader Overlord, to let him back in once he hits 60. So the time of 60 came and wickedsensed joined the guild, got attuned for certain instances and began raiding. Then wickedsense spent a lot of nights raiding very dedicated to the guild and what not. Then the release of the expansion came.

The Burning Crusade Edit

Wickedsense was slow to level to 70, but eventually did it. Heavens Wrath had switched to Madoran sever so Wickedsense went along with them whnever the expansion came out. Once he was over there everything went wrong. All the cool people in Heavens Wrath left, Overlord showed his true colors, and the guild became lame. Finally after months of not playing WoW, Wickedsense came back and decided to switch servers to get away from the thing that was holding him back, Heavens Wrath.

The days of Penguinmasta Edit

So wickedsense moved back to Hellscream once again. But this time he would be known as Penguinmasta. Once over there he started PvPing and looking for a Karazhan raiding guild. Poor Penguinmasta guild hopped to many diffrent guilds. Finally he found one that was amazing, Knights of Ravenswood. Yes the guild was home, a lot of people in it he had known from the good ole' Heavens Wrath days. Now he is happily in Karazhan and waiting for further progress.

A New Begining Edit

Knights of Ravenswood made some bad decisions, or atleast showed Penguinmasta that he truly did not want to be with them anymore. After leaving he joined a guild names Horrid Dreams. The guild was one of his RL friends's guild. He later became the guild master, even though not really wanting to. They took one adventure into Karazhan, which proved horrible. After a little bit Penguinmasta realized the fall of this guild. He gave the members another guild to go to, and gave leadership back to Lceman. Then he left the guild and awaited for his new guild. He was not guildless though, he had been doing runs through Karazhan with Hell Inc. a pretty nice guild. He will in the near future join Hell Inc.

Acceptance into Hell Inc. Edit

Penguinmasta will now do one more run through Karazhan with Hell Inc. He seems to be getting in, and will be definate and will raid as much as he possibly can. Penguinmasta has found his true home, and his guild to get where he needs to be at.

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