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Alana, the younger sister of the famous matron of the blood elves, became a Blood Knight much the same age as her sister did, to much less fanfare than her sister. Alana was raised by her sister since their parents were killed in the first raids by the Horde during the second war, and Alana grew up in the village outskirting the Farstrider Enclave, close to the thought deserted troll village. Shortly before the events of the sack of Silvermoon, the Liadrin sisters were displaced when the Amani trolls returned to the troll village next to their own, destroying it and all but 4 of its inhabitants. Those 4 inhabitants moved to Silvermoon, just before Arthas and his undead rolled into the city. The young sisters were mostly sheltered by the buildings of Silvermoon itself. Kareena, one of the two other inhabitants of the sister's village, vowed to claim revenge, and Alana's sister pledged her life to the same.

2 Years later, Prince Kael'thas sent home a gift to his people: M'uru. "Sissy", as Alana refered to her as, quickly showed that she was no coward when it came to defending her people, draining the holy power of M'uru, to become the very first Blood Knight. The citizens of Silvermoon rejoiced at this revelation, while Alana began her training under her sister to become a Blood Knight.

Halfway through her first trial of initiation, she was tasked to forge a suit of armor using the drained power of M'uru. She got to the anvil, and when her training hammer struck the metal of the pure Adamantite from the northern Isle, the chunck of adamantite exploded in a shining ball of light, seeable from the Court of the Sun, and when the light faded, all that was left was a solid Hauberk, worthy of even the most hardend gladiator. This is how Alana recieved her nickname in the Blood Knights, Lightforged.

Modern DayEdit

Alana still visits her sister from time to time, and was assigned to a rag-tag group of adventurers, the Departed, as they called themselves, to help them with an undead infestation. This small band quickly grew into a guild of heroes, even defeating the most vile of Arthas' lieutenants, Kel'thuzad.


Alana specializes with a shield and any one-handed weapon she can lay her hand on, as well as a master of defensive combat and insults. She also became a confident Scribe and Herbalist during her training.

Sin'dorei SagaEdit

In ZueluHaomarush's fanfiction saga titled Sin'dorei, Lightforged becomes a protagonist in episode 3, Relics of the Past, as well as Episode 4, Path of the Fallen. She is the anti-hero of the Main Antagonist, Bakthar, being a paladin.

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