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Players Edit

The people behind the duo are from Virginia. The players favor the Horde over the Alliance heavily, but Pyrose has been known to be a little less picky. They decided to make their characters on Gul'dan to show their friend, Thundah, that magic classes can fight. Thundah believes that warriors are the only true class in the game. When they catch up to him, they have decided to duel him and teach him his lesson.

Appearence Edit

Pyrose and Pyrosmoke are two recently started Blood Elf fire mages that are completely identical, except for their hairstyles that they made to look like flame. The two different styles was done on accident, but they decided to keep it to show that flame is always changing.

Plans for the Future Edit

They started at the same time and haven't degrouped since. They have decided to do EVERYTHING together. They plan to reach 60 then hit the Battle Grounds until they get enough points and tokens for their ultimate prize: The High Warlord PvP set and a High Warlord staff. The total they need for their goal is 140,625 Honor points, 70 Arathi Basin Marks, 90 Alterac Valley, and 30 Warsong Gulch marks each. When at 60 they will do nothing but PvP, and wish to make a name for themselves across The World of Warcraft.

Other Characters Edit

Because they made a pact to not play on the characters without the other, they use their other characters to pass the time when one is away or can't play.

  1. Nokao, a level 60 Troll Shaman on Duskwood. (Pyrose)
  2. Kherne, a level 60 Tauren druid on Greymane. (Pyrose)
  3. Amax, a level 51 Tauren Warrior on Greymane. (Pyrosmoke)
  4. Nayria, a level 45 Night Elf Hunter Greymane (Pyrose)

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