Khorium Scope

  • Cookiepuss, Mesti, Morrison, Anonymity

Felsteel Boomsticks

  • Mesti, Anonymity

Hyper-Vision Goggles

  • Mesti

Rocket Boots Xtreme

  • Anonymity

Stabilized Eternium Scope

  • Anonymity


Girdle of Ruination

  • Slavehealer, Nazbatul, Werebat, Xaphan, Sheebye, Nuttypeanut

Unyielding Girdle

Spellstrike Hood

  • Slaaneshe

Spellstrike Pants

  • Luckycharms

Manaweave Cloak

  • Vexatious

Resolute Cape

  • Sheebye, Nuttypeanut

Vengeance Wraps

  • Slaaneshe

Cloak of the Black Void

  • Kufudamummy

Arcanoweave Boots

Arcanoweave Bracers

Arcanoweave Vest

Battlecast Hood

Battlecast Pants

  • Kufudamummy

Black Belt of Knowledge

  • Slaaneshe

Soulcloth Vest

  • Savannah

Soulcloth Shoulders

  • Hammerd, Savannah

Runic Spellthread

Golden Spellthread

  • Savannah

Whitemend Pants

  • Flamebotdrew, Calligato

Whitemend Hood

  • Ku

Bracers of Havok


Enchant Weapon – Sunfire

Enchant Weapon – Mongoose

  • Caddy, Crunchberrys

Enchant Weapon - Spellsurge

  • Semoth

Enchant Weapon - Battlemaster

  • Semoth

Enchant Weapon - Savagery

  • Cinyras, Pammy

20 Strength Weapon

  • Semoth

40 Spell Damage Weapon

  • Draghkar, Nickieroonie, Kufudamummy

30 Intelligence to Weapon

  • Draghkar, Nickieroonie, Pammy

35 Agility 2h Weapon

  • Ithira, Kufudamummy

150 Mana Chest

15 Arcane Resist Cloak

  • Nickieroonie

15 Shadow Resist Cloak

  • Pammy

20 Spell Penetration Cloak

  • Dreadnot, Pammy

15 Spell Damage Bracers

  • Kufudamummy

12 Stamina Bracers

6mp5 Bracers

12 Stamina Boots

  • Dreadnot

12 Agility Boots

  • Pammy

4 HP/MP p5 Boots

Surefooted Boots

Boar’s Speed Boots

  • Kufudamummy

Cat’s Swiftness Boots

  • Snicks


Flask of Relentless Assault

Flask of Mighty Restoration

  • Captured

Flask of Fortification

  • Hougan

Super Rejuvenation Potion

  • Hougan, Gravemaster


Felsteel Longblade

  • Admir, Servantos

Fel Edged Battleaxe

  • Admir

Felsteel Reaper

  • Vast, Mesti

Eternium Runed Blade

  • Centrion

Hand of Eternity

  • Admir

Khorium Champion

  • Servantos

Runic Hammer

  • Arawn


Fel Hardened Maul

Storm Helm

Oathkeeper's Helm

Helm of the Stalwart Defender

  • Admir, Centrion

Earthpeace Breastplate

  • Kaylinn

Felsteel Leggings

  • Arawn

Blessed Bracers

  • Vast

Bracers of the Green Fortress

  • Vast, Admir

Black Felsteel Bracers

  • Admir, Pretty

Felfury Gauntlets


Coronet of Verdant Flame


Windslayer Wraps

  • Broll

Windscale Hood

  • Broll

Earthen Netherscale Boots

Thick Netherscale Breastplate

  • Broll

Clefthide Leg Armor

Cobrahide Leg Armor

Nethercleft Leg Armor

Boots of the Crimson Hawk

  • Broll

Cloak of Darkness

  • Broll

Windstrike Gloves

  • Broll

Shadow Prowler's Chestguard

  • Broll

Quiver of a thousand feathers

  • Broll

Belt of the Black eagle

  • Broll

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