Proffession Crafters: Help Section

Here you will find a list of crafts which players on the server can make categorized by profession. The Crafts are shown in there own categories (eg: Head/Chest) and display in their Loot Rarity colours. Use the navigation below to browse the listings.

This section aims to inform those who are interested in adding their crafting information to the Listing/Directory.

  • To begin you will need to register to the WoWWiki and then verify your email address using the email provided.
  • After doing so, browse to the Profession (using the navigation bar above) in which your going to add your information to.
  • On the top of the page you should find an edit button, click this and you can begin adding your data. (More information below)
  • On the editing page you should find help markers (eg: <!-- #### Cauldrons! -->).
  • If your adding your name to stuff you will find the item, and then below it two |. The top one is for Alliance players and the bottom one is for Horde players. You should add your name on this line alphabetically seperated with a comma.

How to add a new Crafting Category, eg: Chest, Shield


<!-- #### <#>! -->{{:Server:Grim Batol Europe/CraftSection|<#>}}


  • <#> = Category

Displays as:

<#>Alliance 15 AllianceHorde 15 Horde

How to add a new Craft, or where to add Player Names on existing Crafts


{{:Server:Grim Batol Europe/CraftRow|loot={{Loot|<#>|<##>}}
||<Alliance Players Names>
||<Horde Players Names>


  • <#> - Loot Quality (eg: common,uncommon,rare,epic,legendary)
  • <##> - Craft Name (eg: Enchant Boots - Cat's Swiftness)
  • <Alliance Players Names> - Alliance Crafters
  • <Horde Players Names> - Horde Crafters

Displays as:

[##]  Alliance Players Names  Horde Players Names

Addition Information and tips:

  • Please try to keep Crafting Categories Alphabetic. (Exceptions can happen: Jewelcrafting Gems Categories then Gear)
  • Please try to keep Players Names Alphabetic in the listings {}
  • It may not look like a table when your in editing mode, but it sure will after its saved :P
  • If you add stuff wrongly it will most likely be corrected pretty fast!
  • The pages were created by Seraph from the old listings, some data could be incorrect as a result of the shear amount of work that had to be done!
  • If you dont know how to edit try finding someone who does, or leave me (Seraph) a message on my talk page, or whisper me ingame!
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