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The mountaintop fortress of Grim Batol in the Wetlands.

Grim Batol is a PvP realm which opened as a migration realm in May 2006 for migrating characters from Burning Blade, Burning Legion and Stormscale realms.

Grim Batol is part of the Misery Battlegroup which consists of 14 English-speaking realms.

It has been confirmed by a Blizzard employee that Grim Batol is the most populated European realm, however, recent free migration may have changed that. As a result Grim Batol is listed as "Full" on the Realm Status page and migration to Grim Batol is locked.

The Horde to Alliance ratio is pretty even, around about 40:60, most players do not believe there is much imbalance during their day-to-day play.

As of Wrath of the Lich King release the server was experiencing queues of up to 800 on weekdays and considerably higher during weekends but now they are gone.

Grim Batol is populated by players of many different nationalities from all around Europe. Since there are so many different nationalities, it is advised to speak English as it is the most commonly understood language.

The realm is named after Grim Batol, an old Wildhammer mountaintop fortress on the eastern side of the Wetlands.

Grim Batol, as well as the rest of Misery realms are situated in Stockholm, Sweden.

Server Milestones and Important Events

Neutral 15 Grim Batol launched - 8th May 2006
  • Burning Legion and Stormscale Migration to Grim Batol
  • Ahn'Qiraj Gates opened
Neutral 15 Burning Blade Migration to Grim Batol - 15th May 2006
Official horde mini-icon Temple of Ahn'Qiraj cleared → Hi Goat - 23rd May 2006
Official horde mini-icon Naxxramas (WoW) - Abomination Wing Cleared → Hi Goat - 1st Sep 2006
Official horde mini-icon Naxxramas (WoW) - Plague Wing Cleared → Hi Goat - 13th Sep 2006
Official alliance mini-icon Naxxramas (WoW) Cleared → Balance - 8th Nov 2006

Official alliance mini-icon Doom Lord Kazzak Killed → Gief Epix and Royal Blood - 5th Feb 2007
Official horde mini-icon Doomwalker Killed → Refusion - 20th Feb 2007
Official alliance mini-icon Karazhan Cleared → Gief Epix
Official alliance mini-icon Gruul's Lair Cleared → Gief Epix
Official alliance mini-icon Magtheridon's Lair → Balance - 27th Mar 2007
Official alliance mini-icon Serpentshrine Cavern → Balance - 29th May 2007
Official alliance mini-icon The Eye Cleared → Balance - 12th Jun 2007
Official alliance mini-icon Battle for Mount Hyjal Cleared → Balance - 8th Aug 2007
Official alliance mini-icon Black Temple Cleared → Balance - 4th Sep 2007
Official alliance mini-icon Sunwell Plateau Cleared → Balance - 7th Aug 2008

Official alliance mini-icon Obsidian Sanctum (Heroic) Cleared → Balance - 16th Nov 2008
Official alliance mini-icon Naxxramas (Heroic) Cleared → Balance - 19th Nov 2008
Official horde mini-icon The Eye of Eternity (Heroic) Cleared → Eon - 23rd Nov 2008
Official alliance mini-icon Ulduar (Heroic) Cleared → Balance - 18th April 2009
Official alliance mini-icon Ulduar (Heroic) [Hard] Cleared → Balance - 12th August 2009
Official alliance mini-icon Trial of the Crusader (Heroic) Cleared → Gief Epix - 2nd October 2009
Official alliance mini-icon Icecrown Citadel Cleared → Balance - 8th February 2010

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