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Shipoopi is a proud Sin'dorei and honored to be a member of the Horde. She is a member of the guild Crucifix on the Greymane server.

She is a protection paladin whose power it derived from her unyielding belief of righteousness.

While, her main focus is the many journeys to be found Azeroth and beyond, she will smite any flagged Gnomes she spots.

Notable AchievementsEdit

KZ: 13/13
ZA: 6/6
GL: 2/2
MAG: 1/1
SSC: 5/6
TK: 3/4
MH: 2/5
BT: 2/9


375 Miner
375 Jewelcrafting
375 First Aid
375 Cooking

Exalted with:
Cenarion Expedition
Sha'tari Skyguard
Shattered Sun Offensive
The Aldor
The Sha'tar
The Violet Eye


The girl is hard to get.
Crowd controls means they ALL stand in my Consecration.
I'm poppin my wings!

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