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Pallymonkey, social legend of Greymane. Edit

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Pallymonkey joined Greymane in early August of 2005 to join the crowd of people who are known across the server. Pallymonkey was not always a Paladin, in fact, he started as a Druid. The Druid was level twenty-three when he decided to trash it and play a Troll Warrior. Many people know the Warrior by the name of Trollmonkey. Currently, Pallymonkey spends much of his online time on the trade channel shouting about who even knows what, PvP with his closest friends, or getting into heated debates about stupid things with people who have mental capacities equivalent to a spear of asparagus.

The Early Days Edit

Trollmonkey played Warcraft 3 frequently with friends he knew from his fragging days on X-box Live. alongside Warcraft 3, there was also Diablo 2 and Runescape. Soon enough, one year after the debut of one of the most popular MMOs on the market, the duo of Lordbob and Squashynut joined forces as an Orc Hunter and a Tauren druid. As time went by, Squashynut played less and less until he stopped playing altogether, leaving the Ex-Druid, Trollmonkey, to fend for himself. Although Squashynut would soon to look up his old buddy but he would be no where to be found. And he sits and awaits a email or a skype call when he gets this. is his email. i got it but my email is

He played with a guild that is currently still around, The Evil Within, then under different leadership for several months. He leveled from one to sixty in five to six months of real time in the guild. A mishap occurred and Trollmonkey was removed from The Evil Within and thus he searched for yet another guild. The details are fuzzy, yet it is speculated that at this time he joined Thrall's Elite Guards in an attempt to finally get on his feet to raid and run instances for gear.

Unfortunately, TEG broke apart into three separate guilds: Impari, The Kill All Cure, and one other that merged with KAC further down the line. During the Impari days, Trollmonkey befriended several people who he still on occasion speaks to today.

Shortly after KAC became a more mainstream guild, Impari fell apart and all the members, aside from a select few loyal to the Trollmonkey and Trollmonkey himself, went to join KAC. There, most of them remain to this day. Sometime after the collapse, Trollmonkey sought refuge in The Evil Within, then and at the time was run by Ugglee or any of his other alts that one may know him as.

A close friend to the leader of Nemesis, a budding guild led by an ambitious young music expert, Trollmonkey joined there and stayed until the end of his career as Trollmonkey. The guild grew and prospered until one day it merged with another and formed Malefic, of which Trollmonkey is currently an inactive member of.

Kei's Korner Edit

Kei was the guild leader of Prevelance for a period of time before finally giving up and leaving the server. For a period of approximately four days, Trollmonkey made Prev his temporary home. However, Trollmonkey was removed due to "low raid attendance" and "immaturity," both of which on false and unprovable grounds. From that day onward, Kei was Trollmonkey's enemy and usually the target of several attacks or bouts of teasing. Hexus too joined in on the fun with Kei as time progressed. Trollmonkey was frequently spotted in Orgrimmar, standing in the same place that Kei generally stood, observing the Auction house from afar in case any precious metals found their way to be sold and hammered into a sword.

Origin of Pallymonkey Edit

Pallymonkey was originally a character that was created as a "getaway" from the stress of the horde and served as a way to continue playing. Due entirely to the fact that Pallymonkey was not made to be leveled to sixty, she was visually unrefined. Pallymonkey soon leveled to ten, then twenty, then fourty, and in no time at all, she was sixty and working on raiding. Up until level sixty, Pallymonkey was in the guild "The Strong Hammers." In the early fourties, Pallymonkey befriended Ferunnah, a friendship that is still strong to this day. She also met Orgyl, a discipline priest that leveled from ten to sixty without training smite.

Upon reaching sixty, Pallymonkey was invited into Ascendancy, at the time under control by the oligarchy of Hitokiri, Prettypriest, and Ksijur. Pallymonkey convinced Orgyl to join Ascendancy and the fun only just began. Hitokiri was a very laid back leader at first, but tension grew and so did the tension growing within Hito. Shortly after clearing Onyxia for the first time with only thirty-three people, several members broke away from Ascendancy (crippling them until after BC) to raid under the guidance of Mochas. Mochas, in a way, became the new Kei for Pally.

The Burning Crusade Edit

The most recent events surrounding the life of Pallymonkey occurred within the last year. When the Burning Crusade was released, Pally received a copy on day one and suffered the incredible lag spikes that everyone did in Hellfire Peninsula. However, with incredibly bad server issues, came incredibly new possibilities.

Pallymonkey often found herself competing in a friendly manner with a fellow paladin by the name of Sart. Many of those who know Sart say he is a sweet and funny boy full of joy and enthusiasm. Sart hit the seventy mark slightly before Pallymonkey, and is still far more progressed than she is. It may or may not be because of his general attitude as opposed to Pally's, but the public can be the decider of such.

After Ascendancy came crashing down, beginning with Pallymonkey's epic exit "You know Pretty? I don't need any of your lip," followed by a /gquit, the guild only spiraled downward from there. At that moment in time, Pallymonkey did not realize how lost she would truly be. Over the course of several months, Pallymonkey and her companion Orgyl had hopped in and out of several guilds for several reasons. Pallymonkey was removed from The Ravens of Killara for disagreeing with the guild leader and presenting clear factual evidence. Orgyl left shortly after. Currently, the pair can be found in The Silvermane Knights, previously made up of ex-Fearbomb members; it is now inhabited by Comstine and his closest friends.

The Pallymonkey We've All Come to Love Edit

Pallymonkey, like many Greymane legends came to notoriety in the form of public chat. Whether it be in the city's trade channel, or over the Realm Forum.

Pallymonkey has always had connections with people that were initially, or became popular. Hexus and Ferunnah, for example. Pallymonkey's attitude, speech, and sense of humor also generally fit in with the trade trolls that frequent the channel. Pallymonkey received much publicity from her past life as Trollmonkey, a close friend to Hexus, the later elected server president. Trollmonkey's screenshots and events showed up several times in many videos created by Hexus. One may speculate that Hexus' fascination with Kei arose from Trollmonkey's witty humor towards him.

Pallymonkey came out of the woodwork rather abruptly. As stated earlier, Pallymonkey had ties to other server legends, as well as name recognition from Trollmonkey's legacy. Today, Pallymonkey can usually be found in a major city center, either discussing matters of importance with friends and guildmates, or yelling at people using the trade channel. Sometimes the random paragraph generator makes its way into conversation, but rarely. Recently, Pallymonkey has been using a macro that spams the following:

 O_/     \O_/
/ \    /\/
  /\     \
  \ \    |


Many people find the sometimes childish antics of Pallymonkey to be extremely annoying, those people do not get very far into their argument without first being proven idiotic for even attempting to make a point. On many occasions, people made fun of her behind the wall of the ignore list, unable to handle retribution.

Pallymonkey is also prone to frequent and random outbursts of clothing changes. A pack rat by nature, she collects any and everything that may be of stylistic value sometime in the near future for an outfit. Some outfits have included an all red one, a set based around the scarlet pieces, with a Pallymonkey flair, an all white jumpsuit, to even a pre-BC Priest.

Minions Edit

Over the years of playing WoW, Pallymonkey has collected a vast amount of followers, mostly players who are too noobish to figure anything out on their own without his help. Due to his extremely charismatic and awesome nature, the list of his minions is always growing, and will eventually be large enough to complete Pallymonkey's plans of world domination.

His noteable minions include: (list to be added when one of his minions actually does something important)

Disclaimer: May be filled with lies.

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