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On January 13, 2007, Niggles, a much loved forum alt of Puffadder (who kept this secret up until the day he revealed the truth, and the end of Niggles), posted his last wishes. Niggles was known by many members of Greymane, but mostly by the regulars of the forum. Niggles' end is mostly related to the fact that Puffadder felt that Niggles' humor was no longer as special as it had once been and decided to retire him.

Despite this, Niggles will always be a part of Greymane's History and Lore.

Last Wishes Edit

be 4 me goes an face me destiney today i wanted to mak last wish list. di i say dat coreect? well here go :

be nice to each oter

dont let purples fever make you foget youself

try not to mak too many dumb flmae tread

hav loyalty an respeck fo each oter

an most important HAVE FUN it game

pet pets an kitties

an 1 mo ting KILL TROGGS

oh, an no kill small bunny or squierrels

Niggles (Puffadder) also bequeathed Kitty, his trusty pet, to Alcyone, a hunter in Crimson. However, in a bizzare tragedy most likely involving server complications as a result of the launch of Burning Crusade, Kitty was forever lost in the mail.

Hopefully he has found a good home.

The Return of Niggles Edit

On June 29, 2007, at 3:37 PM EDT, Niggles resurfaced. It turns out that he was merely feigning death, due to being overwhelmed by Night Elf females' lust for him.

The post Edit

me fent deaf, sorry to had to trck frends but nelf chixs was goin nut fo niggle everytime went to darny, get so bad coulndt walk into citee without being mob by gurrls screamin niggle gib me but secks now mutha %@%#a so i had to lay low tink coast is clear sorry to dose i hurt hope still frens around say hi niggle when niggle say hi

dwarf chix in ironforge all mad at niggle, some fat one wit big stomak hit me wif fryin pan whne i ent to get milk one day she all pissd dun know why to much bad reputaion or sumting now me tinks it better went der da oter day an no problem really but no cookie on ah WTF people? who haf treat now?

hungry stomake grumble grumble

pixe still haf broken hart for you hope you still aint mad at niggle to cause he miss you snt you candy da other day you like briatorn? mayb me sen you sum to mak up fo lost time so yo aint get all mad still hurt feelins

now me gunna go get carzy level already have snow kitty to help kill stoopid trog and uter dum tings

so story morale is, um, idk dun get chix mad at you or sumting like dat,

ok, me go now n play wit kitties see you soon bye

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