This is the official page for the Mayor of Greymane.


Current Mayor of GreymaneEdit

The current Mayor of Greymane is Khatian, GM of <Solution>, who was officially inducted on May 4, 2014.

What is the Mayor of Greymane?Edit

The Mayor of Greymane is a title given to the Guild Master that receives the most votes during the annual election for Mayor on the World of Warcraft US server, Greymane. Every year at the end of April, the top 10 guilds in raiding progression on the server offer up their Guild Masters as candidates. Whoever receives the most votes on that forum thread within 28 days is inducted as the Mayor of Greymane.


The first election for Mayor of Greymane was on February 28, 2013. The concept was formed by Cptncrunch, a social member in <Despotism> with ties to many of the top guilds on the server. The idea was originally more of a joke, but has since picked up momentum and taken on a more official form. The 2014 election is currently being carried out.

Election RulesEdit

The rules of the election are as follows:

1. Any Guild Master on US-Greymane, whose guild is top 10 progression on the server, will automatically be nominated for Mayor of Greymane.

2. If a guild dips into the top 10 progression on the server, that Guild Master will also be nominated automatically.

3. The Mayor of Greymane must be the Guild Master or Officer of a top 10 progression guild. Officers may be elected should the Guild Master differ the nomination.

4. There are no write-in votes.

5. There are no term limits, former Mayors can be elected an infinite number of years.

6. The election will start at the end of February every year and end at the end of March every year.

7. The election will take place on the Greymane server forums and will be hosted by Cptncrunch or whoever he differs the responsibility to.

8. Guild progression is officially determined using

Past Mayors of GreymaneEdit

2014 - Khatian, GM of <Solution>

2013 - Oneiro, GM of <Winterborne>

Candidates in the first electionEdit

Oneiro (Winterborne)

Incrediguy (All the Single Ladies)

Khatian (Solution)

Relmax (Council of Nine)

Balkoth (Despotism)

Klobersmash (Passive Aggressive)

Cptawsome (Unflawed)

Papaaura (Impervious)

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