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Posted by Semiramis on 11/09/2006 11:56:22 AM PST on the Greymane forumswith the title of:

"Best name in the history of names."



Now I know what you are thinking, "Hey, I've got a pretty decent amount of viper, I'm still cool right?" HAHAHAHAAHAHA WRONG @*@#FACE. This guy has the MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF VIPER!! Wrap your stupid little brain around that... IF YOU CAN. If you don't belive me, my brother has been in Naxx and he has seen more viper than you ever will, and even he is jealous by the sheer volume of viper that can only be achieved by being the MAXIMUM VIPER!!!!

I feel sorry for you guys. I really really do. Get back to me when you lrn2viper.

PS I just afk'd out of the cave, er SOME HAWT PVP ACTSHUNS, in AV to bring you this breaking report, and now I'm stuck with deserter. So I hope you appreciate being put on the game. OHOHOOO, excuse me, being put on the VIPER!!!! ________________________________________________________________________________________________

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