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History Edit

The character of Fernurion, or Fern to friends, was created on day one of Greymane and has been active ever since. Unusually, He rose to notoriety by being nice, rather than nasty. After a breif membership in the guild Storm over Kalimdor, Fernurion signed the charter for a new guild, Darkvisions. One week after forming, the leader left, leaving Fernurion with the charge. After 3 months of helping people to level past him, he finally disbanded Darkvisions after a massive ingame party at the Crossroads.

Not long after this Fernurion Joined Dark Souls Legion, then later Art of Aggression. His biggest claim to fame has been his self-produced series of Web comics, Entitled "Greymane" after the realm. After making these for six months, he changed style and started producing "The Aristocrat's Guide to Azeroth", featuring his own character in a tuxedo and monocle, a Summoned Skeleton named Jeeves who was inspired by an insider joke, and occasionally other prominent Greymane community members. This comic has not been in production long and has only produced a few issues.

Current Edit


Moonfire spam! One of Fern's prouder works

Fern is enjoying a quieter game life currently. He is in charge of Art of Aggression's Ahn'Qiraj efforts and mats. He also lays claim to being the only Warlock on the server with a melee based build. While this usually draws a raised eyebrow from people, they often accept after seeing it in action. He can often be found muttering about lack of 'cloth-shammy' gear, and constantly seeks a way for a Warlock to weild a Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, . His comics are still in production, though no finished product has been released for a while. He claims this is due to a massive writers block, though there are rumours of a project he is working on in secret.

His comics can be found here

Quotables Edit

"Eek, Ugh, Ugh! I leik Bewbs!" Comic: Mental Hazard

"Dajin land!!1! Where he's better than you, and you'd better know it" Comic: Dajin land

"Terribly sorry old bean, but I do so enjoy a spot of brains" a macro used when using the cannibalise ability while wearing the Aristocrat outfit

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