Cojira Zen'Tusk The Mighty, Troll Shaman Edit

Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Coj Horde 15 Gorgonnash IconSmall Troll Male Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman Shaman 47 Baraka 3
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Family History Edit

Prolly change, to respect the real lore of troll

Zen'tusk family was a Shaman and warrior family, They was surviving only by hunting and fishing near the coast of Durotar. The great leader of the clan is Jaegnu, He was promote when Narhdae was killed by a Night elfe druid named Tamdur.

Zen'Tusk family Edit

Irkar Warrior Male
Tapa Priest Female
Zokar Warrior Male
Jitha Shaman Male
Baol Hunter Male
Zortak Warrior Male
Loyo Warrior Female
Neati Priest Female
Jaegnu Rogue Male
Narhdae Mage Male

Family Link

Irkar Zen'tusk: Coj's father was one of the best warrior of the Village.

Tapa Zen'tusk: Irkar's wife.

Zokar Zen'tusk: Coj's twin brother.

Loyo Zen'tusk: The little sister of Irkar.

Jaegnu Zen'tusk: Leader of the Zen'tusk family.

Jitha Zen'tusk: Son of Jaegnu.

Neati Zen'tusk: The battle medic of the clan also the coj girl friends.

Baol Zen'tusk: Son of Loyo.

Narhdae Zen'tusk: The fallen Great lord of the family.

Zortak Zen'tusk: Also named The rage of Zen'tusk Family. He are the champion of the family, his only objective is to become the strongest warrior in kalimdor. He fight with a axe name Nokumar.

Talents Edit

level 60 talents elven runes

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