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Player Info Edit

Overview Edit

Alliance 32 Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock IconLarge Human Male

Zazier is a level 60 Human Warlock and is the Guild Master of the The New Rule Order on the Server Server:Gilneas.

Trade Skills Edit

Talents Edit

Over the course of Zaziers progression from Level 1 to 60 he has primarly been a Demonology warlock focusing on using the Succubus as his primary leveling Demon. He tended to avoid using the Voidwalker in favor of the increased DPS of the Succubus. An overview of his prefered Demonology tree can be found Here at Wowhead

Currently for raiding purposes and for upper level instances Zazier has been respected for more DPS while still keeping the a lot more of the favorable Affliction and Demonology talents as well as picking up twenty-three Destruction talents. His current build is as seen here.

Gear Edit

Zazier is a good mix of Spell Damage, Stamina and Intellect in his gear. Always following the golden Warlock rule about gear +Spell Damage > Stamina > Intellect he has collected a good set of BoP Blue items from various instances.

You can check out his profile at Allakhazam.

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