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Daran Magicus is a Male Undead Mage of the Horde.

The Great Wars

Daran was born in Dalaran years before the Second War and fought in it extensively. During the tough days of the internment camps, Daran went into a self-imposed exile into the Alterac Mountains, there he hoped to escape the troubled times in Lordaeron. Years he trained alone in the frozen hills of the mountains fighting of yetis, ogres, and even the occasional Frostwolf orc. When the Third War sparked into being, Daran watched from the mountains as his beloved city fell before the Scourge and how the citizens of the Seven Kingdoms fell before the relentless tide of the murderous Burning Legion. Daran angered marched out of the mountains. He headed for the lands occupied by these evil forces, to destroy them, to reclaim his homeland! But, he learned soon enough that they were more than a match for him and he died. Days after his death, Archimonde died and the Legion retreated from Lordaeron. Refugees found his mangled corpse beneath a tree in the vast Tirisfal Glade. They took him to a small crypt in the small farming town of Deathknell and put him to rest.

The Forsaken

Daran awoke four years later in the crypt, amazed to be seeing the world again. He was undead however. Daran left the crypt and went out into the Tirisfal Glade, in his time there he raided the Solliden farmstead and killed the owner, tallied up more Scourge bodies than countable, and even helped in the beginning stages of a new Plague to destroy the Scourge. It was then that Daran joined the Royal Apothecary Society, beginning to learn about the deadly poisons and strange procedures needed to fuel the Banshee Queen's war against the Scourge. Daran left Tirisfal soon there after and headed to the keep of Shadowfang, fighting his way through the villagers of Pyrewood and slaying the mad mage Arugal with a rag tag group of helpers from his new 'allies' the Orcish Horde. Taking Arugal's notes and the mage's lavish robes, Daran set off once more headed for the town of Tarren Mill. The small farming community was being used as a hold against the Southshore militiamen to the south, Syndicate to the north, and the gnolls and other beasts to the east. Daran found many allies in the town and continued to aid in the creation of more deadly elixirs for the Royal Apothecary Society. Daran had soon cut the population of Hillsbrad Fields by a quarter, killing half their farming populace and a few snooping guards. Daran packed up and left Tarren Mill after months of camping near the town's small graveyard.

Family of the Wandering Mage

Daran had told no one his goal up to now, to find out who his relatives were. When he met an old orc on the road one day in Arathi they stopped to sit and talk at the edge of the vast lake in front of Stromguarde. The orc asked Daran why he was wondering, why he became a mage, why he was headed for the Wetlands. Daran answered in turn that he was looking for his family, all he can remember is training as a mage in Dalaran's mighty academies, and because he was headed for Elwynn. They soon split paths, Daran continuing towards the vast swamps he saw over the majestic hills and deep gorge.

War in the South

As soon as Daran entered the Wetlands he saw bloody fights between the Bronzebeards and Dark Irons near Dun Modr, as he continued he was assaulted by numerous Dark Iron thugs, gnoll poachers, and Dragonmaw huntsman, all trying to kill whatever they could. Daran walked slowly through the wartorn hallways connecting Dun Algaz and Loch Modan, dwarf and orc skeletons littered the floor and huge gashes covered the walls. He finally stepped out into the woods of Loch Modan, intent on getting past the drunken dwarves and their allies in the Alliance and get to the Horde outpost of Kargath in the nearby Badlands. Daran walked slowly along the edge of the cliff overlooking the vast loch, running into a fat dwarf who was sleeping under a tree, a guard who Daran took care of with a weak Arcane missle, and a hungry trogg. Finally the red wastes of the Badlands lie before him, in the distance between to cliffs sat a small orc barracks and watch tower, Kargath. When Daran reached the post he had bags full of coyote meat and dark iron coins, he sold every last one tot he local traders and hired a brutish orc to escort him to Elwynn Forest. Walking through the Searing Gorge was a dreadful tredge. Every beast had such armor or hide that Daran's spells did barely anything to them. Soon Daran and his orc bodyguard had reached Thorium Point and set off on wyverns for a small orc outpost in the Redridge Mountains that wasn't allied to the Blackrock clan. Soon after landing in the orcish camp, Daran noticed a gravestone under a tree nearby, walking to it he saw that it read:

                        Abraham Magicus
                      Loving Father & Husband
                           Conjuror of

Daran gasped, this had to be his father's grandfather or great grandfather, conjurors has been gone from Stormwind for a long time now. Then he noticed that below the words, etched into the stone were these words: Why must those who were heroes be forgotten. Forgotten by the misery of war and the stench of defeat, may the hero of Goldshire be remembered -Harold Wits, Stormwind Eleventh Infantry Company. Daran left the stone writing the names Abraham Magicus and Harold Wits onto a piece of paper and stuffing them into his robe pocket. And so he and his ruffian companion, Daran thinking about what he had discovered.

The Red World

Daran travelled around Azeroth for three years since dicovering those two names, he and his companion had become good friends, learning that his mercenary's name was Grizbah Wildeye. Daran had been to the lost city of Dire Maul, had fought off the vile Scourge threat of Naxxramas, and seen the grave of the mighty Grom Hellscream, a hero of the orcish people. But, while Daran was in Stonard he heard reports of demons in the area around the Dark Portal in huge numbers. Daran and Grizbah went to investigate, they headed for the Dark Portal to find it a grizzly scene. Humans, orcs, gnomes, dwarves, trolls, and even the recently arrived draenei fought together against an endless of horde of demons coming out of the now open Dark Portal! Daran and Grizbah fought for days against the Legion forces until finally the combined might of the Alliance and the Horde was able to push the demonic waves back into the nether. Daran gave chase with many other warriors, into Outland. Soon, Daran found himself in an alien world covered with war and struck by a need for heroes, Daran and Grizbah agreed to bring this world, the orcish homeworld back to order with or without help.

Land of the Betrayer

Daran and Grizbah left the battle at the Dark Portal on wyverns dodging the cannon fire from the Legion's forward bases and reaching Thrallmar, the Horde's encampment on the Hellfire Peninsula. From there Daran and his companion began strikes on the fel orcs barricaded within Hellfire Citadel and Zeth'Gor. After many weeks of fighting Zeth'Gor was an pile of debris, destroyed by bombs carried by the Horde and Alliance's mighty air forces. Now Hellfire Citadel lay open. Daran and Grizbah headed for the mighty halls of the citadel, hearing the inhuman screams coming from deep below the orcish fortress. Within the citadel, the two companions fought their way all the way to the warchief of this Fel Horde, the legendary orc chieftain, Kargath Bladefist. Bladefist was powerful and would have killed Grizbah in combat if it hadn't been for a group of troll headhunters to have been wandering the body-strewn halls. The imprisoned pit lord Magtheridon was soon to follow Bladefist into death. Kargath's head soon sat on a pike in front of Thrallmar Keep and Illidan's fel orc forces in Hellfire were crushed. With all the time the Horde had invested into fighting the fel orcs, the Alliance had invested in making war against the Legion forces based near the Throne of Kil'jaeden, the Throne itself had not been breached though and hordes of demons still ravaged the peninsula when Daran and Grizbah left, entering the swamps of Zangarmarsh. The swamp was a dangerous place as the two soon learned from the Cenarion Expedition currently making the site it's home. Naga had begun to pump the water out of the marsh for some unknown purpose and horrid beasts wandered the whole bog at night underneath the huge treelike mushrooms. Daran and Grizbah left soon after arriving and headed for the huge refuge of Outland, Shattrath City.

The City of Light

Shattrath was a place of interdimensional trade and commerce. Ethereals, refugees, arakkoa, and many other species of Outland and beyond wandered the streets. Daran and Grizbah booked a room in a sanctuary in the Lower City, locking their equipment in footlockers they were given and hiding them. They joined the cause of the Scryers soon and began to fight against the blood elves who worked for the power hungry Kael'thas. The Lower City was a rough place, tents dotted the street and ledges were on every corner. Vendors, conmen, beggars, thugs, and nobles all shared the same spaces ans fights broke out often in the dirty city, the peacekeepers were hard pressed to keep order. Daran and Grizbah met with Khadgar, a hero of the Second War and one of Daran's idols. Khadgar told them of how he left the Alliance to join the Naaru's cause in uniting all races of the multiverse to fight the evil of demons and worse. Daran and Grizbah spent months in Shattrath City and became honorary members of both the Scryers and the Aldor, trying to unite the two forces to fight against the threat of the Legion as a whole instead of just Kael's elves or the eredar's minions as the two factions did.

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