Icecrown Citadel[ICC]Edit

Data is based on information giving by the guildox page

Rankings are based on a point system:

  • SF = Server first = 4 points
  • S = Silver = 3 Points
  • B = Bronze = 2 points
  • X = Kill = 1 Point
  • Symbol.5= Kill after a major content patch = points/2
  • U get maximum points if u kill every boss in each wing, else u get the points u should have earned, divided by the amount of each boss per wing.


Guild Storming the Citadel(25) The PlagueWorks(25) The Crimson Hall(25) The Frostwing Halls(25) The Frozen Throne(25) Totals
Lost SF 4
Blood and Tears S(All-S), B(S) 3.5
Eternals B(All-S), S() 2.25

Pwnies X 1
Critters X 1

Ashen Dawn X 1
SoL X 1
Fraternite X 1
Azeroth Alliance Raiders X(All-S) 0.75
Kabaret X(M;LD) 0.5

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