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Icecrown Citadel[ICC]Edit

Data is based on information giving by the guildox page

Rankings are based on a point system:

  • SF = Server first = 4 points
  • S = Silver = 3 Points
  • B = Bronze = 2 points
  • X = Kill = 1 Point
  • Symbol.5= Kill after a major content patch = points/2
  • U get maximum points if u kill every boss in each wing, else u get the points u should have earned, divided by the amount of each boss per wing.

Guild Storming the Citadel(10) The PlagueWorks(10) The Crimson Hall(10) The Frostwing Halls(10) The Frozen Throne(10) Totals
Blood and Tears S(Marrow), SF(Rest) 3.75
Eternals SF (Marrow), S(Rest) 3.25
Lost B 2

Fraternite X (All - Saurf) 0.75

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