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Magtheridon's LairEdit

Guild Magtheridon
Horde 15 AFK 1
Alliance 15 BRB X
Horde 15 Blood and Tears X
Alliance 15 Allian X
Alliance 15 Lost X
Alliance 15 Prosapia X
Alliance 15 KEK X
Alliance 15 Hide n Seek X
Horde 15 Tenebra X
Alliance 15 Eternals X
Alliance 15 SoL X
Alliance 15 FTW X
Alliance 15 Cake X
Alliance 15 Frequency X
Alliance 15 Sapphiron X
Alliance 15 Fraternite X
Horde 15 Team Hippo X
Horde 15 Exile X
Horde 15 Strangulation Point X

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