Xylan is Paladin on the Frostmane(US) Server. He became widely popular over the server for his well known comedic PvP videos released on youtube, And for his ability to moniter and keep the server forums interesting.

Controversy Edit

Xylan has a reputation of being what some call "Annoying" on the Frostmane forums. Many believe this over some of his crucial posts agienst well known guilds on the server

In 2006 when Xylan was on the server Dentarg with the name Sephinah, A famous quote that spread all over the Paladin forums was introduced, The post was over a Orc shaman "Undercityorc" And Xylan (Whitch was Sephinah at the time) talking over a duel time to duel for "Forum-posting rights", While post to post for several hours Undercityorc asked "k, what kind of rules were you thinking? Arena rules? No rules?" Sephinah responded with "No using over 3 minute cooldowns" Undercityorc, Confused, replys "You realize you are preventing yourself from bubbling?" Then Sephinah (Xylan) responds with "nvm.. no rulez.." Sephinah never shows up The conversation can be found here:

Trivia Edit

  • Xylan is most famous on his origional server Dentarg as his name Ratken
  • There is a video about Ratken (Xylan) that was made by Undercityorc as a conclusion about the famous post known as NVM NO RULEZ:

  • Xylan's youtube account name is XylanProductions
  • There are three PvP videos released by Xylan they can be found here:

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