This article is a realm page for the Frostmane US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Horde 15 Famous Horde Characters Edit

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of this PvP Server, neutrality is unlikely beyond this point.

Thieve- The World or Warcraft's most accomplished ninja.

Bloodi- One of Frostmane's most badass DK's, for sure.

Taurenburger- Known for riding a mammoth around Orgrimmar while wearing a full Santa suit.

Cisurfer- He is very disturbed and is known for his erratic mood and asking you to smell his private parts.

Hughjazz- Known for frequent claims of being #1 alongside his partner Abuti.

Terrorpope - Known for igniting fear in his enemies and bringing the gifts of metal and darkness to the most brutal little boys and girls; he is also the leader of the Vatican of Horror.

Kagrue - Has got dat skooma!  Also clicks most abilities.

Bellow - Worst tank on the server.

Cutsman - Traps pets in arena. This is Cutsman. Over.

Amygrant - Publisher of the "Girls of Frostmane" calendar.

Kromdor - Murder Murder Murder!

Destructify - Thinks you are all idiots because you are from the United States, dumbest continent in the world.

Booyaka - Thinks ele takes skill LAWL

Clover - AH King

Seigmund - Infamous rogue who loved to gank lowbies around ICC

Bignose - The BEST

Suplaj - worst resto shaman on the server HANDS DOWN.

Elpopo - #1 realm PVP feral druid

Petur - Spammed a "merawana" macro and the average idiot in chat fell for it.

Tettnis - #1 realm PVP arms warrior

Tarallan - Bad Ret pally who thinks it takes skill - whisper him for sha anytime anyday

Ipm - Butt-buddies with Bullycow and Peter

Zariveea- Always the last one summoned to raids ( a warlock, ironic right?) Co-guild leader of Impulse. Always feeds the trolls.

Oreo- Guild leader of Impulse. He is a honey badger.

Artemis - An okay hunter. Wishes he could be as good as Battlemaster or Weem.

Prayedcobra - Spammed a macro that wasn't funny.

Lard - Druid: Claim to fame, sits on a mailbox in Ratchet in bear form and ganks lowbies.

Sheridan-Ner'zhul - Started in Pandaria, and talks to themselves in trade chat on their other alts: Auldience, Ballbreaker, Brutus, Goebbles, Hollisbrown, Manicglare, Nutelacheeks, Prancygal, Savante, Skratchx, Spunkmaster, Wolfchild.

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