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This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Frostmane Alliance Edit

Players Edit

Aurolite - rank1fgt. Runs from every fight. Only knows how to say "shut up" and "1V1 deletion duel" in trade chat. A complete pussy. Convicted felon, smuggling cocaine into the us. Raped in prison. Anti-Ner'zhul activist.

Rhö -

Veth - Beat Aurolite using one hand while backpedaling

Whosèthetank - Baddie, named changed, still a baddie.

Verelyia - Hottest girl on Frostmane and best resto shaman ever. Aurolite's future wife

Cunningd - Better than Venruki

Lousquid - Notable your mom jokes.

Rowan - Has about 361278356 alts. Notably good player.

Aurobright - Some believe this is not the same person as Aurolite.

Levitas - Genuinely good person

Penpally- The only frostmaner who has done hard time.

Currently RecruitingEdit

Guild Ui-charactercreate-classes druid Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Ui-charactercreate-classes mage Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin Ui-charactercreate-classes priest Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Note
Reloaded Few Few Few Few Few Forum Post
MîNËRVÄ Open Few Open Open Open Open Open Open Open
Vicious Few Closed Few Open Open Closed Open Few Closed

Frostmane Famous QuotesEdit

There are many famous quotes that have been said on Frostmane here are some of the most well known to this day:

We Fail in Style


Cloverfield is a trashy guild. ...full of trash players.

Guess who got a tonka truck for his 8th birthday this weekend!

This guy:


Just when you thought this was dead and buried. I have gone out of my way to be an absolute winner. It's wrong, I know.

-Timbal Blizzard CM

Danjim is by far the second best mage on Frostmane. At least that is what he told me.


Whatever, just auto-follow, then gg.


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