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Tailoring on Frostmane EUEdit


Alliance 15 Alliance
Horde 15 Horde
[Battlecast Hood] Cobrahn, Ett, Hitokiriz, HolyDwarf, Quiva, Peew Fumble, Hulkiedulkie
[Battlecast Pants] Cwap, Doctress, Svperstar Exavior
[Belt of Blasting] Cele, Darkillidan, Morrekk, Svperstar, Xaela
[Belt of the Long Road] Svperstar
[Black Belt of Knowledge]
[Blackstrike Bracers] Cobrahn
[Bracers of Havok] Alastriel, Cobrahn, Evrian, Hellzapoppin, Svperstar Strawberry
[Bracers of Nimble Thought] Richy, Svperstar
[Girdle of Ruination] Cobrahn, Dione, Evrian, Hitokiriz Corpsegrind, Exavior, Fegliz
[Spellstrike Hood] Broom, Ett, Evrian, Hellzapoppin, Svperstar, Caritas, Peew Avarlana, Boraicho, Corpsegrind, Exavior, Strawberry, Elaenor
[Spellstrike Pants] Doctress, Ett, Evrian, Ling, Svperstar Argorash, Avarlana, Avindra, Fegliz, Strawberry, Teazer, Medéa
[Swiftheal Wraps] Cele, Boras
[Unyielding Bracers] Cobrahn, Dione, Hellzapoppin, Caritas Argorash, Avindra, Exavior, Mandible
[Unyielding Girdle] Cobrahn, Hellzapoppin Exavior, Corpsegrind
[Whitemend Hood] Cobrahn, Isaacmolotov
[Whitemend Pants] Caritas
Arcane Resistance
[Arcanoweave Boots] Dione, Hitokiriz, Ling Argorash, Avarlana, Boraicho, Litaiken, Hulkiedulkie, Elaenor
[Arcanoweave Bracers] Cobrahn, Svperstar, Ling Argorash, Avarlana, Exavior, Litaiken, Mandible, Strawberry, Elaenor
[Arcanoweave Robe] Cobrahn, Svperstar, Ling Argorash, Avarlana, Boraicho, Exavior, Hulkiedulkie, Litaiken, Mandible, Strawberry, Elaenor
[Soulcloth Gloves] Cobrahn, Dione, Ett, Evrian, Holydwarf, Svperstar Boraicho, Exavior, Mandible, Elaenor
[Soulcloth Shoulders]
[Soulcloth Vest] Ett, Hellzapoppin, Holydwarf, Svperstar Fegliz, Mandible, Strawberry, Elaenor
Fire Resistance
[Flameheart Bracers] Dione, Hellzapoppin, Hitokiriz Argorash, Exavior, Fegliz, Mandible
[Flameheart Gloves] Dione, Hellzapoppin, Hitokiriz, Svperstar Argorash, Exavior, Fegliz, Mandible
[Flameheart Vest] Exavior, Hellzapoppin, Mandible
Frost Resistance
None added
Nature Resistance
None added
Shadow Resistance
[Soulguard Bracers] Svperstar
[Soulguard Girdle] Svperstar
[Soulguard Leggings] Svperstar
[Soulguard Slippers] Svperstar


Alliance 15 Alliance
Horde 15 Horde
[Cloak of Arcane Evasion] (Arcane Resistance) Cobrahn, Dione, Svperstar, LingMei, Nertom Argorash, Boraicho, Litaiken, Mandible
[Cloak of Eternity] Cobrahn, Doctress, Hellzapoppin, Isaacmolotov Exavior
[Cloak of the Black Void] Cobrahn, Dione, Hellzapoppin, Nertom Boraicho, Mandible
[Gaea's Embrace] (Nature Resistance) Argorash
[Manaweave Cloak] Cobrahn
[Night's End] (Shadow Resistance) Svperstar
[Resolute Cape] Cobrahn, Hellzapoppin
[Vengeance Wrap] Cobrahn, Hellzapoppin, Isaacmolotov, Quiva, Nertom
[White Remedy Cape] Cobrahn, Hellzapoppin, Caritas Strawberry


Alliance 15 Alliance
Horde 15 Horde
[Golden Spellthread] Vuuk, Nertom, Svperstar Mandible
[Mystic Spellthread] MasterLoco, Cobrahn, Doctress, Evrian, Ett, LingMei Boraicho, Litaiken, Strawberry
[Runic Spellthread] MasterLoco, Cobrahn, Cwap, LingMei Boraicho, Strawberry
[Silver Spellthread] Dione, Svperstar, Nertom Argorash, Exavior, Fegliz, Mandible


Alliance 15 Alliance
Horde 15 Horde
[Bag of Jewels]
24 Slot Gem Bag
Cobrahn, Dione, Hellzapoppin, Svperstar Exavior
[Ebon Shadowbag]
28 Slot Soul Bag
Cobrahn, Hellzapoppin, LingMei, Svperstar, Vuuk Argorash, Litaiken
[Primal Mooncloth Bag]
20 Slot Bag
Cobrahn, Cwap, Dione, Hellzapoppin, Svperstar Argorash, Litaiken, Mandible, Strawberry
[Spellfire Bag]
28 Slot Enchanting Bag
Cobrahn, Broom, Hellzapoppin, Svperstar Argorash, Litaiken

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