Oderin is a Tauren Shaman on the PvP server Frostmane EU.

Oderin is well famed on the server of winning over Saurfang in a duel twice. The first time they met was outside Orgrimmar and Saurfang became pissed of because Oderin said that Saurfang's Cleave couldn't cleave The Worldtree. Saurfang challenged Oderin to a duel and Oderin actually won because of Saurfang DCing cause he was blinded by Oderin's pure awsommness and he couldn't cleave. The second time Oderin sent an army of Leper Gnomes to attack Saurfang but he cleaved all the 1475 gnomes in one cleave but Oderin had jumped 4 meters up in the air and falled right down on Saurfang's shoulders and crushed the mighty Orc to nothing but jelly. Saurfang reincarnated himself ofcourse because he is all the classes in the game but everytime a living creature sees him he switches to Warrior. Then he Hearthstoned back to his headquarter, deep under The Deadmines entrace.

Oderin is also famed for eating Tel Abim Bananas in Orgrimmar and shouting that he needs more applesauce.

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