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Noal Stormgale was one of the first Paladins, he swore the Paladin Oath in Stratholme together with Uther the Lightbringer, Tirion Fordring, Saidan Dathrohan, Gavinrad the Dire and Turalyon.

Name Faction Server Race Class
Noal Stormgale Alliance 15 Frostmane EU IconSmall Human Male Human Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin Paladin

Biography Edit

Noble of Kul'Tiras Edit

Noal were born into the Westwind family of nobles in Kul Tiras. At a young age he, to his parents rejoice, befriended the then young Daelin Proudmoore, the boys remained close friends for most of their childhood, training in the art of combat, sailing and strategy together. When they grew older they often traveled to the diffrent Kingdoms of Northern Azeroth for an example Quel'thalas, Dalaran and Gilneas. They visited Lordaeron during the coronation of King Terenas Menethil II.

Cleric of Northshire Edit

As the years passed Noal and Proudmore would travel further eventually visiting the dwarven kingdoms of Aerie Peak and Ironforge. The last journey they undertook together were to the Kingdom of Stormwind. When traveling Stormwind the now young men found their way to The Northshire abbey. the idea was to stay there for a few days before continuing back to Stormwind. Proudmore detested the thought of being stuck amongst men of the cloth for so long, Noal however, were deeply touched by the serenity of the abbey. He spoke alot to the head of the clerics Alonsus Faol. And upon returnign to Kul'Tiras he told his family he wished to join the Holy Order of Northshire Clerics. Suffecient to say his perants did not approve and during the following argument his father at one point claimed that a Stormgale must had taken his senses. Noal calmly replied that he'd join the order with or without their permission. His father replied that he'd never have their permission. Then Noal simply left with the words "Then I am a Stormgale and not a Westwind"

He returned to Northsire and were welcomed by the Abbot who asked why a nobleman of Kul'Tiras were to return so early, he said that he no longer was a nobleman and that he wished to be aa servant of the light. Faol knew that risking getting enemies amongst the high nobility of Kul'Tiras was a bad idea, so he set Noal on working in the kitchcen, thinking that such a indignifying work was sure to discourage the young noble and make him return to his family. But Noal wasnt discouraged and showed such determination in all that he was set upon that Faol soon forgott about the parents resentment. It was during this time that Noal first got to know what would be possibly the most important friend in his life; Uther the abbots young aprentice. Sharing an unshackable faith in the Light and a determination for doing good, they soon grew to be close friends.

Battle Priest and Refugee Edit

When the First war broke out the Clerics took a more active role, fighting alongside Stormwinds soldiers on the battlefield. Thoose who know about Noal's position before the war often joke that he smashed orcs with his kettle and his spoon. But the orcs eventually defeated the humans and the people of Stormwind fled north. It was during the great flight that Noal met Erondil a high elf philosopher who had been residing in Stormwind before its sacking. Thay both came to admire the Human leader Sir Lothar greatly and also befriended his second in command Turalyon.

Knight of The Silverhand Edit

While in Lordaeron Uther together with Faol thought of a new religous movement one that would be better suited to carry the holy light to the heart of the battle then the clerics of northshire had been. As a result Uther, together with Noal, Turalyon and a few others, swore the oath of the Paladin in the Alonsus chappel in Stratholme. Noal initiated Erondil shortly after.

Noal stood by Uthers side during the obliteration of Alterac, and fough under Lothar in the battle for Blackrock Spire. He also fought in the finall battle for the dark portal. During the conflict Noal came to meet his old friend Admiral Proudmore again but Proudmore ignored him, obviously taking his siding with the clerics of northshire as a betrayl against Kul'Tiras.

When Turalyon was to lead the alliance expedition to draenor both Noal and Erondil voulenteered. Noal accepted to stay at personal request of Turaylon as he wanted Noal to keep an eye on his son Arator.

Cleric Once more Edit

As soon as te expedition had left through the dark portal, Noal went to find Uther, he gave his old friend his hammer and decrred that as Azeroth was saved there was no longer a reason for him to be a paladin. Uther accepted Noal's resignition because of their old friendship but also said that he'd hold on to Noal's hammer if he ever wished it back. Noal answered that he should give it to someone younger instead someone who could weild it with the same dediction as he once had. Noal, Uther and a few other close friends to Turaylon escorted Arator to Quel'Thalas were he'd live with his mothers family.

Then Noal returned to Northshire, i cant say he stayed there for the rest of his life though, he traveled around alot even as a priest, he visited the Alliance holdings on Northrend and erected a chapel there for an example. But mostly he spend his time in the vineyards of Northshire together with Brother Neals.

Stormbringer Edit

then came aday when dreadfull news reached Nortshire abbey. King Terenas had been slain by his own son and this Prince Arthas has also slain Uther the Lightbringer and Burned silvermoon to the ground.When Noal heard these news he traveled as fast as possible to Lordaeron, only to find a land in ruin, he visited the tomb of his old friend and finall had to resign to that the rumors were true. There was just one rumor yet to check. he traveled north through desolate lands until he came to what had once been the shinig jewel of Quel'thalas. As he ventured through the land he could see the misbegotten creatures who had once been elfs and animals, but for some reason they didnt bother him, finally he arived at the ruins of silvermoon. there he met a few survivours of the attack and asked them of Erondil, they claimed that he had been slain by Arthas himself upon the stairs of the Convocation of Silvermoon. They led him there and upon the broken staircase did Noal find what he had dreaded, the scattred peices of Erondi's greatsword destiny. It was then that Noal Stormgale resigned to the fact that there would never be tre peace unless there was them upholding it there would never be a time when the paladins were not needed, he traveled to Stratholm slaying any of the undead that came before him, there he entered the alonsus chappel and once more swore the oath if the paladin.

Scarlet Knight Edit

This was about the same time as the scarlet crusade launched its first disatrous assult upon northrend and Noals Brother Barean was lostin action. Upon hearing of his brothers dissapearance Noal joined the scarlet crusade under Highlord Mograine Ashbringer. He fought a few months in the plaguelands before his old aquintance Saiden Dathrohan (possibly already possesed by Balnazaar) asked him to ho south the kingdom of Stormwind, to spread the orders good intentions, however if Dathrohan was possessed at the time it is more likely that he was send to be out of the way when the Ashbringer was murdered.

Noal traveled and fought in Stormwind for anoter few months before he departed for kalimdor to help the Night elves keeping order in the region of Darkshore. When he after two years returned to the plaguelands he found the scarlet crusade changed. he was shocked at the death of Mograine and even more shocked of how Dathrohan had changed the order. During his stay in the plaguelands he came across another old friend though; Tirion Fording. Noal had been the only of the founding paladins alive who hadnt been part of the trail to banish Tirion. Tirion advised Noal to return to Kalimdor and leave the crusade. Noal agreed but decided to keep wearing its tabard as an homage to what the crusade had once been.

Slayer of Satyr Edit

Quotes Edit

"Then I am a Stormgale and not a Westwind."

Tirion:"I never though I'd see you wearing that tabard Noal, have you really fallen so far?".

Noal: "Tirion! What do you mean?".

Tirion: "The crusade has become as vile as the scourge Noal, can you not see it".

Noal: "Show me old friend, show me".

Hormaltus: "Why are you stopping?"

Noal: "What did Sargeras promise you for betraying your own people night elf?"

Hormaltus: "What are you talking about?"

Noal: "You dont think I sense the precense of you satyr allies?"

Somanius: Witness the rise of Maltonis the Crusher!

Maltonis: Ah at long last I thread this world again. You managed to do it after all Somanius. You have provet be a servant of quite alot of...

Somanius:"I thank you master"

Maltonis: "...incompitence, you were suposed to summon me to a safe location, you and your Blood Elf brethren have failed us, and the legion does not tolerate failure" *Slays Somanius*

Malnotis: "Now for you bothersome insects.. you will regret that you intefered."

Noal: "Not nearly as much as you will demon, prepare to be cast back into the hell you came from, and give my regards to Sargeras."

Cleaver: "For The sorceress!"

Uron: "For the sorceress"

Noal: "For Elalas!"

more comming

Author's Note Edit

Hello, if you read it all please send me feedback. I'd also like to point a few things out:

The story is not finished, this is basically a draft.

I'm not really satesfied with the name stormgale, i'm picturing apaladin standing in his armour on a cliff over the sea in a real big storm and holdign a lantern... got any name ideas from that? then mail me.

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