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Fizzcrank is a PvE/Central timezone realm that opened for transfers on November 10th, 2008, just prior to the launch of Wrath of the Lich King, on the battlegroup: Retaliation. This new realm began to provide a home to players from a long list of overpopulated servers with problematic queue times. Fizzcrank is a casual server, with an on growing population, with many progressing at different areas in PvE/PvP. We've had/have guilds share the title of being number one throughout WotLK progression, and we have a small core of players who enjoy arenas/battlegrounds. The community is warm welcoming to anyone looking to make Fizzcrank their home and the economy is very fair. Our pet name for the server is Failcrank, as of Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria, top guilds are Reforged and Censorship is Cancer.

Two players everyone knows are Fasch, a massive dwarf warrior troll, and Peak, an annual FTA and FTH organizer who left server following everyone making fun of his 25k dps in Moshu'gan Vaults.

As a side note, The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj have been opened and many of the realm first achievements/titles have been taken.

  • Obsidian Sanctum, Obsidian Slayer - Animosity
  • Naxxramas, Conquer of Naxxramas - Animosity
  • Eye of Eternity, Magic Seeker - Animosity
  • Ulduar, Celestial Defender - Something Diabolical
  • Ulduar, Death's Demise - Ki
  • Trial of the Grand Crusader, Grand Crusader - Clutch
  • Icecrown Citadel, Fall of the Lich King - Inappropriate
  • Blackwing Descent, Heroic Nefarian - NO GUILD
  • Throne of the Four Winds, Heroic Al'Akir - NO GUILD
  • Bastion of Twilight, Sinestra - NO GUILD

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