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Crazy Yun, (actual name Yunyuuzhan) is a player on the Feathermoon server. He is known throughout the entire server for his crazy rhymes and 'insane' deals when selling gear or items. His excellent prices, paired with his witty comments made him grow into a surprisingly popular person on the server. Whenever a foolish person tried to insult or put down Crazy Yun, the rest of the server roared back to protect him. (more later)

Yun is a Troll (I believe a sham) and made a fortune selling enchantments and other various goods.

Shortly after the events of cata we found that Yun was infact a she, and that she had a young family. Crazy Yun has not been heard from in years



"You will find that my prices are INSANE. so grab em fast before the orcs in the white suits come to take me away!"

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