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Ulthanon Kaidos, the Dunewalker Edit

Ulthanon Kaidos is a Kaldorei marksman who claims to have been alive during the time of the War of the Ancients. Whether or not this is true has never been established, as he has kept otherwise silent on the details of his life predating the Third War. He is also not very knowledgeable regarding historical events that other Kaldorei of his claimed age remember in vivid, bitter detail, leading one to believe that he is most likely lying about how old he is.

His age aside, Ulthanon acts in a manner most like a human in their late twenties or mid thirties; he is rarely serious, often curses, and holds little love for ceremony. This has caused some friction with the more "traditional" of his peers, though through words and actions, it is clear Ulthanon holds little love for them, either. He enjoys a hard round of drinking after a difficult excursion, and can often be found lighting a pipe filled with things ranging from common tobacco to a mixture of Firebloom, Dreamfoil and a Vision Dust lacing.

History Edit

The first record anyone has of Ulthanon even existing comes from the records of the now-disbanded guild called the Forgotten Dreamers. Soon after officially putting his name in with Darnassus, the Dreamers began recruiting the inexperienced from Teldrassil's boughs, and in looking for companions, Ulthanon joined them. His stay there lasted into the middle of his retraining, at which point he (and others) surpassed the guild's leader in skill and prowess. At that time, he decided it would be better to strike out on his own for a time.

Ulthanon made his first public appearance a few months after civilians first started throwing stones at the Horde again. After a failed raid on Astranaar, Ulthanon was somehow elected as the leader of the counter-attack to a region of the world (the Crossroads) he had never been before. While daunted, he chose one of the only mounted warriors at the time, a woman by the name of Libra, to be his scout and guide, and as they found the path was clear, his force marched south into the savanah. The guards of the Crossroads, combined with the forces of the Low Red Moon, sent the Alliance militia packing, but it was generally accepted that the raid had been a good one and that Ulthanon had done a fine job commanding.

Fast forward a few weeks to the sweltering jungles of Stranglethorn. While jointly completing tasks for Booty Bay with a Paladin called Kelladan, Ulthanon decided that he liked the man, and inquired about his guild insignia, which was a devlish-looking white skull on a black field. Kelladan responded that it was the colors of the Lunatic Fringe, a guild of people dissatisfied with the Alliance and, in particular, its handling of the Lordaeron situation. After a moment of deliberation, the Fringe decided to accept Ulthanon's request to join them. His stay with them was as influential as it was short; the leader of the Fringe, the fiery paladin Jest, eventually declared that he would once again support the Alliance and their mechanizations. Ulthanon, unwilling to bend to the will of the major powers, left the Fringe forever.

However, these things are all minor details compared to the two things he has become most known for- his failed rescue of Tarquin and Danwyrith from the hands of the Scarlet Crusade, and his time as an outlaw.

Ulthanon and the Scarlets Edit

Ulthanon was never entirely clear on what the situation was. All he knew was that Tarquin, a good friend of his, had gone missing in the Eastern Plaguelands, and it was suspected that the Scarlet Crusade was to blame. Without telling anyone else of his intentions, he attempted to sneak into Tyr's Hand and free him. Unfortunately for Ulthanon, he was himself captured, thrown into a jail cell, and tortured for a month straight before it would be over. At this time, he was set free on one condition: he would only be released if he dueled and bested the Crusade's newest Champion- none other than Tarquin himself! Weakened, wounded and malnourished, Ulthanon never really stood a chance. However, as Tarquin was delivering the "killing blow", he told the hunter to feign a death. In retrospect, this was the best possible scenario; thought to be dead, they brought Ulthanon outside of the Hand to be burned with other various corpses. At this point, Kitra Rivan (Ulthanon's long-time friend) and his wolf companion Ghost were formulating their own rescue attempt. When they say Ulthanon's body in the pile, they despaired, but as he stopped faking, they covered his escape and got him back to Stormwind. While the imprisonment was over, it's effect on him would cause an even greater debacle for the hunter...

Wanted! Edit

Ulthanon decided it would be best to take some time off and recover from his ordeal in Tyr's Hand, and what better place to rest and recover than idyllic Ashenvale? For many days, he recuperated in Astranaar's secluded safety, nursing his wounds and calming his mind. Thankfully, during this time, few Horde raids ventured that deep into the forest. However, one day he witnessed a young tauren doing battle with a Kaldorei warrior. The warrior, obviously older than the tauren, should have had the Hordesman's head numerous times, but the skill of the younger shaman prevailed time and time again, until the elf simply stayed down. Impressed with the tauren's prowess, Ulthanon went to him and offered him food and water. Thankful, the tauren ate, but fled when Sentinels caught sight of him. They were not interested in him, however- they were far more angry with Ulthanon, for aiding a member of the Horde who'd just wounded an Alliance soldier. His mind racing, he carefully laid a trap for them as they approached. It exploded and caught their leader on fire, and as her sisters attended to her, he ran, unwilling to face justice or go back to jail.

Ulthanon hid in the frigid northlands of Winterspring for a time, until an over-inquisitive Sentinel tried tracking and ambushing him as he slept. He was forced to kill her, and in doing so, brought the wrath of her lover down on him, who impersonated him to a "t" and attacked a druid in Stormwind. While the imposter's aim was to get a bounty placed on Ulthanon's head, it was his old friend, Kitra Rivan, who first found him. Together they moved south through the Eastern Kingdoms and across the sea into Kalimdor, seeking the trackless sands of the Silithus desert for refuge. Fearing that Kitra would be accused of aiding an outlaw, Ulthanon decided to "kidnap" her and write a random letter to Mixler Thaumajinx, her headmaster at the Arcane Academy. This, he hoped, would clear her name of any wrongdoing, should they be discovered. Mixler eventually tracked the pair down, and with the help of Zinya Frostfeather, brought the pair back to Stormwind. Rather than turning him in, however, Mixler opted to keep Ulthanon permanently polymorphed, until the Academy could better decide what to do with him. Kitra had other ideas.

Breaking Mixler's spell on Ulthanon, and contacting his old friend and confidant, Sharzyl (who was herself an ex-Sentinel), the plan of the imposter was discovered, as was his location. Kitra and Ulthanon headed back north from Elwynn to Winterspring, where the Hunter and his doppelganger finally came face to face. A fight ensued, but the man was eventually captured and brought to justice. His name cleared, and pardoned for his assault at Astranaar, Ulthanon could finally rest without fearing a knife in the dark.

The Sietch and the Wildfire Edit

After his most hectic of years, Ulthanon decided to keep a low profile. He founded the Dunewalker Sietch, a group for those on the run from or unhappy with the Alliance, but it never got as large as he'd wanted it to. He eventually disbanded the Sietch after a few months, and most recently has joined with the Wildfire Riders. At this time, he has no intentions of leaving.

As for he and Kitra, who fell in love during the course of their flight? Kitra remains in the Mage District of Stormwind, occasionally heading to Dalaran for field research. The couple do not see each other as often as they'd like to, but they maintain a warm and caring relationship nonetheless. They currently have no long-term plans.

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