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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Torage Horde 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Tauren Male Ui-charactercreate-classes warrior Warrior 90 Adapt and Overcome Battlemaster
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Torage Dreadhorn, The weapon Edit

Name: Torage Dreadhorn or "Tor" The Weapon

Age: 20-30 (exact age unknown but very young for a Tauren)

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Killing (also works with metal)

Physical Description Edit

Torage is a giant, even amongst Tauren. He stands a few feet taller than most other Bulls and appears to be nearly as wide as he is tall. He is covered in layer upon layer of heavy armor at all times, the armor appears to cover impossible muscle mass. Although he seemingly never removes any of his other armor he often removes his helmet while off the battle field reveling a face that is more scar tissue than not, most notably his right eye is covered with an eye patch but the wound leaves the skull bone exposed from the bottom of the right socket to the upper lip of his right jaw reveling the top row of teeth on that side.

Torage has obviously undergone several alterations to his body, in addition to his unnatural size, his jaw has been altered and his teeth are sharpened and predatory like a wolf. His right arm also seems to be modified in some way, often making ticking noises and crackles with energy when he fights.

Personality Description Edit

Torage is.. Simple. Some, perhaps most, would label him as stupid, he has no understanding of even simple mathematics and has difficulty counting past six. He only speaks enough taurahe or Orcish to hold a very basic conversation. Tor can be very blunt in his reasoning and seems to be inclined to solve all problems by simply killing whoever is in the way. He often has to pause in order to think, starring off into space and drooling for sometime before answering a question. Holding a conversation with Torage, especially for intelligent people, can be very difficult and frustrating. Fighting Style

Because Tor is slow in conversation and appears unintelligent many think that he fights with little actual skill but rather force and mass, overpowering his opponents with brute force. This is mostly untrue as many unfortunates have found. Although he knows how to use size and strength to his advantage he can be terrifyingly cunning and swift during combat.

For a weapon Tor uses a large crude cleaver, smiths tried long and hard to craft a weapon that the warrior would not break, they gave up, the enchantments for his blade are housed in a sturdy hilt that is designed to have the blade easily replaced. The sword is also chained to Tor's armor, often throwing the weapon and using the chain to recover it. He also keeps his left hand open and will often grab objects or people and use them as weapons.

Don't get too close... he bites.

Unusual Notes Edit

Torage is not aware that he is wearing armor, it has been fused with him as long as he can remember and he thinks that it is just the way he is.

Torage has a Sword strapped to his tail, he claims it wards of "blue ones".

Secrets Edit

Torage's right eye is actually not missing, it was permanently banished to the nether when a shard of armor from a pit lord struck him in the eye, he can see with the eye even with a patch covering it, this often misleads enemies that try to blind side him.

After being torn apart and sewn back together by his masters healing powers a thousand times Tor no longer has any concept of life and death, it is perhaps the reason he kills so easily. Torage's Grandfather is now a Death knight known now as Garagnathar. they met only once and exchanged no words.

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