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Thalonious Munk, member of the Emerald Guard Feathermoon RP realm, as well as a friend of the people in Stormwind and throughout the land. Thalonious is an innocent Paladin who often times will unknowingly get himself into compromising situations. Hailing as an orphan from Stormwind sort of raising himself, he would find brotherhood in amongst the ranks of the Paladins where his real journey would soon begin.


Not much is known about Thalonious' history before he arrived at the orphanage in Stormind at a very young age. Know one knows how he got there, but he was quickly taken in and raised around the church for most of his adolescent life. It wouldn't take long before Thalonious would begin to learn of the conlfict of the war in the world and many of the injustices that go on outside of Stormwind's protective walls. This would be the catalyst for young Thalonious to begin his training as a holy knight.

It wasn't easy for Thalonious to catch on the ways of a protector. Growing up and training, his only family would be the orphanage and church, so he valued them greatly and soon developed a strong sense of protectiveness towards his comrads. He was a bit clumbsy and never really good at his studies, which is probably why he went the way of the paladin over a priest (the large amounts of texts he would haev to read was too much). However, he was diligent in his training and slowly began to overcome his shortcomings as a natural talent and genius. He would soon become a full fledged paladin and set forth to do good in other parts of the world outside of Stormwind for the first time.

Thalonious, outside of Stormwind, would meet up with the Emerald Guard who would soon become his new "family" and guild. In the early days of his enlistment, he would go on to found a sub-group of the guard called "Team Sea Slug". Which consisted of Diddamous the gnomish mage, Cauri the elven holy priestess, and himself. Together this team would spend many of days together questing around parts of Dark Shore and Ashenvale. They would become a very tight knit group and would eventually lead to a close relationship between him and Cauri. Both being of the church, they had a natural common ground and would get along swimmingly. Later, she would leave for a short while to go on a holy pilgrimage. Thalonious would be left in the Emerald Guard without his closer of friends... until an unlikely partnership.

Thalonious would soon find a new traveling friend in Alycacia, a warlock with a sassy mouth. The two seemed to be from completely differerent worlds one utilizing darker sources of power, while the other using the light for power. The ideals and way of life alone were alien to another but despite these differences, the two managed to become partners. First starting out fighting the Horde in their home territories and would go on to travel together. The two and others from the guild would later have several odd encounters with the underbelly of Elwynn's Goldshire (refer to picture gallary for details).

When the Dark Portal was opened, Thalonious has had a sort of holy awakening. One that most paladins should have gone through at a younger age, but perhaps he was just late too bloom. With his new found awakening he had found his way through the portal. As a surprise even to Thalonious, he would be reunited with his love, Cauri Mytalar. They would soon be together and working in a common cause against the Burning legion. Now, Thalonious makes the great city of Shattrath his home as it is a central point to his cause.


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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Thalonious Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Human Male Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin Paladin 70 Emerald Guard n/a
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

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