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General Information

Full Name: Talenin Moontreader (formerly Talenin Sunreaver)

Talenin in his native Quel'Thalas forests.

Race: Blood Elf
Age: 76 (human years)
Class: Mage
Professions: Botanist, Herbalist, Arcane Scholar, Alchemist
Birthplace: Sunstrider Isle, Quel'Thalas
Companions: Kelilitha Lightbringer

Appearance Edit

Like his forefathers, the natural height of the Quel'dorei has been quelled by the Blood Elves' proximity to the Sunwell and addiction to magic. Neither short nor tall, Talenin stands amongst his many brothers born to the Sin'dorei without noticeable difference. His vanity lies in his hair, and he will never mar its freedom with any garment.

Personality Edit

Thanks to his family, Talenin has inherited a fatal arrogance and judgemental attitude to those he considers lower than himself. His closest friends tell that once befriended, he is loyal, caring and protective. Talenin expects a high standard of chivalry from his friends, especially Sin'dorei like himself, believing them the cultural leaders of the Horde.

Background Edit

Talenin was born to a noble family, accustomed to the high life living in the peaceful surrounds of Sunstrider Isle. His father, Nor'dalin Sunreaver, is a high ranking battle-mage in the Silvermoon Guard, and fought the vile Arthas Menethil during the coming of the scourge. Like his brothers, father wished Talenin to enter the ranks of the Guard and become a mage like he. Talenin, however, had no such desire.

From his youngest days Talenin had love for plants and the natural world. The heartbeat of the living, breathing forests of Eversong seemed to course through his body as if he was a part of nature herself. His obsession with studying botany proved to be his undoing. When he announced to his father that he was leaving to study, Nor'dalin cast him from the family and forbade him to return. It was with a heavy heart that Talenin left Sunstrider Isle and journeyed south in search of knowledge.

It wasn't long before the young elf discovered the Dead Scar and the devastation wrought upon the land by the scourge. Sickened by the tainted earth itself, Talenin wished to find a way to heal the devastation left by Arthas' march to the Sunwell. He began studying alchemy and, with a deeper understanding of the nature of the scourge infliction, began to take larger risks to study more.

It was while venturing into the Ghostlands across the Elrendar River, that Talenin was captured by a nightmarish banshee and taken to the dark fortress of Deatholme, there to be subjected to torture and interrogation by the traitor Dar'Khan at the direction of a demon named Balnazzar. This evil Nathrezim ordered that Talenin be brought to his headquarters in Stratholme, a city to the south of the mountains. Fortune, however, was on the elf's side, as he managed to escape the caravan during the journey and make his way back to Silvermoon City.

Talenin fireball

As a mage, Talenin has many spells at his disposal.

Traumatised by his experience at the hands of these evil lich, Talenin steeled his resolve and swore to rid his homeland of the plague that was the scourge and sought the wisdom of the mage Inethven, one of his father's old friends. This great mage agreed to instruct him in the ways of magic, and thus he began the journey down the path his father wished.

During the course of his training, Talenin was issued with a summons to the Orcish capital of Orgrimmar and decided to take a zeppelin there from Undercity. Things were not going his way, it seemed, as shortly after embarking from Tirisfal Glades, the captain and crew were overpowered and slain by a band of cuthroats. Talenin managed to stay hidden in the hold and learned that the airship was being taken to the rogues' base in the mountains of Hillsbrad.

Realising that he would surely be found once the zeppelin had landed, Talenin took a daring risk and engaged the ruffians in combat using the techniques of magic he had learned. Not as disciplined as he thought, a stray fireball missed an enemy and caused a great rupture in the side of the balloon. The zeppelin began to lose altitude and the young mage leapt overboard, plummeting downward in what he thought would be his swan's song. He hit the ground and darkness instantly overcame him. As his spirit began to leave his body to journey to its final resting place, Talenin felt an insatiable tug at the very core of his being, calling him back to life. He awoke to find a beautiful girl looking over him, tending his wounds.

Her name was Kelilitha Lightbringer, a Blood Elf priestess and student of the light. She told Talenin that he had fallen from the sky literally right before her eyes. They were in the foothills of Hillsbrad, near a human settlement known as Southshore, and close to danger. Together, the two young elves managed to make their way to the town of Tarren Mill and returned to the safety of Silvermoon City.

Current Activity Edit

Since finding each other, Talenin and Kelilitha have journeyed together, having discovered that both share a common wish to cleanse the land of the scourge. They can still be found wandering the land together by the light of the silvery moon as they continue to learn the new skills needed to fulfill their aims.

Quotes Edit

"Be this an angel come to claim me? None living could possess such beauty." on waking to find Kelilitha Lightbringer tending him after his fall from the zeppelin.

"Yes, father. I turn my back on my family that I may save my homeland." after his banishment from both his family and Sunstrider Isle by his father, Nor'Dalin Sunreaver.

"I bring death in order to bring eternal rest." his reply to a wandering cleric after being asked how he can justify the slaughter of so many scourge.

External Links Edit

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