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Sibilya is a Blood Elf Priest on the Horde Faction of Feathermoon US.

Missus Sibilya Morn'thanal Edit

Basic Biography Edit

  • Affiliation: Horde, Netherbright Regiment
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Blood Elf
  • Age: 26 in Human stanards at the time of her death.
  • Height: Roughly 5' 7"
  • Relatives: Calag (Brother), Ruthven Blazefury (Brother), Pyronij Morn'thanal (Husband), Novaas Morn'thanal (Daughter)
  • Employment History: Ambassador to Thunder Bluff, Hydromancy Apprentice, Linguist, Spy, Soldier of the Netherbright Regiment, Zorto-Hunter, Priestess of the Light, Motivational Speaker, Generally Happy Person, "Sib Corkibane" and Servant to the Destroyer
  • Nickname: Sib, Sibby, Sibi, Sibbie, Sibby, Shoe and Hugzly

Physical Description Edit

Sibilya is just as slender as any other Blood Elf female. She doesn't appear any different. She does have a very different preference of dresses. She loves the druidic style of Night Elf robes, she loves draenic dresses as well. She loves simple ones too. She severly dislikes the Quel'dorei style of robe.


Sibilya in Silvermoon

Her eyes are, as is common with Blood Elves, demonic green. Another thing of note is that she has a scar on the side of her head, always hidden by her silk, blonde hair. She also has several rings in her ears, many of them plain red or blue. On her fingers as well are several rings, one being a large purple band. It seems to swirl with shadow.

She is nearly always in a dress. Sibilya recently sucked the life out of "FLoaty", her pet Mana Wyrmling, so she now has a pig, Janey, who she found on the Perenolde Homestead. Sibilya is always attempting to make friends in Silvermoon, and there are only a handful or two that she has sworn to annihilate.

For fun, Sibilya enjoys to follow people, talk, run around, climb buildings, and hide. She will never, ever, ever try to be caught drinking, though. She hates it.

Affiliation/History Edit

The history of Sibilya is a long, hardly remembered one. She hardly recalls any of it, but that suits her fine. Her longest memory is being taken from Dalaran as the Blood Elves escaped, and she was raised with the Sunfury elves; Kael'thas' own. She entered the Netherbright Regiment as a spy of Kael'thas' Advisory Board later on, but had no choice in the matter. She made some friends, some of the first being Erelle, Calag, Jindelin and Onika. Her friend (and brother) Calag and her soon to be husband, Pyronij, freed her of her forced occupation as a Sunfury spy. She was allowed to stay inside the Regiment, and she formed even stronger bonds and friendships during that time.

Over the years, Sibilya has tried many things. Firstly, after her freeing, she just read priest tomes, eventually becoming proficient in healing. She decided that was very dull, and became a linguist! Still today she knows many different languages. Finding out that the path of a linguist was also not to her liking, she stomped over to Thunder Bluff and demanded a job. Seeing as there were little, if any elves on the Bluffs, she became an Ambassador to Mulgore. She was quite happy for a long while. Then, though, she up and quit. Mostly due to her mate, Pyronij, being returned from the Arcatraz. She went into alchemy, becoming extremely proficient. She eventually rose to the rank of Master, rivaling the best trainers in Silvermoon. She decided to stop for a while, and with that money she bought a nice house in Mulgore. There, she and Pyronij lived.

Often, of course, she returned and did her "duties" as a "soldier". Pyronij taught at Stillwhisper Pond, and she was unemployed. Eventually she met Zorto, a warlock. She didn't care much for anything about his history of affiliations, and knew only that he would often burn things and summon demons to the city. It may have been the way she was raised, or her earlier priesthood, but she could not stand him at all. In her mind, nobody else seemed to notice him. Her sanity slowly slipped away, especially during the time when Zorto was actually admitted into the Regiment.

She would just hang around Silvermoon for a long time, thinking of ways to save Silvermoon from Zorto. Her mind was positive that he was behind all cruelties of the world. Once, she even stole away a key so her friends could not enter Scholomance to save their lives, as her mind was set on the idea that Zorto was inside. She had terrible nightmares, mostly centred around Caer Darrow and the vast bastions of Scourge power. She would dream of Zorto and an unknown crossbowman, and often several of her friends would die. Her worst dream was when the gates of Scholomance opened, and millions of plagued dragons flew out and headed at Silvermoon and herself.

It died down for a bit, and she enjoyed her time in Silvermoon with her friends. Though very against alcohol, she would often drink. Though, that all ended when she was tied to a post by an unknown person, and several of her belongings were stolen. Later that day, she felt incredibly sick and dizzy, and fell asleep upstairs of the inn. Her friends were downstairs, and the next thing they heard was a faint cry. Blood splattered down the bed and over the railing, and it was discovered Sibilya had been impaled by a large sword. It is still unknown who is at fault for this, or why.

It was also discovered that she was pregnant at the time. Her baby wasn't saved, but Sibilya was, thanks to Onika Netherbright, who performed the c-section. She fell into another lapse of depression, and could not walk for weeks. Her husband and brother Calag performed a ritual out in Eversong that resurrected and aged the small corpse of a child enough that she was able to walk and talk. Sibilya hopped out of her depression and spent a month teaching Novaas to speak Orcish and Thalassian.

The rest is a general blur to all. She disappeared for a small bit of time, and was later seen as a banshee. It is recorded that she killed herself in a ritual, and the banshees of Sylvanas caught her soul and allowed it free reign of her spirit. As a banshee, Sibilya hunted Zorto relentlessly.

Though Zorto used some advanced technology and magic to transport himself to a completely different realm, Sibilya's mind was positive that he is still here, hiding and plotting against her.

"Lady" Sibilya (as the enormous amounts of wanted posters that depict her and her infamous murders title her) would never rest until her mind is assured he is gone, be that by truth or a trick. She would kill anyone or anything that she sees as one of Zorto's lackeys, which happened to be nearly everybody and everything.

Later on, it was discovered that Markus had placed a part of himself inside Sibilya. Using this, he created nightmares and visions, which eventually sent her on a bloodrage. Even worse, he was the one that impaled her, blaming it on Zorto and his nonexistant cohorts. Eventually, though, he was captured and brought to the other dimension. The shard of Markus dwindled as the rest of him was not there to power it.

Sibilya was released of his grasp after threatening Erelle's life. Her spirit nearly died out, but lived. It transported directly to her corpse as Takaii and Rooku were poking it in the Brill graveyard. As her soul, mind and body were there, Sibilya's spirit was able to reinhabit the body. Rooku called Erelle, who locked her in a turtle shell until it could be decided what should be done with her.

The turtle shell was flooded by the tides of Tirisfal, and Sibilya got out. She walked over to Lordamere Lake, which she swam across to Perenolde Manor. Lord Aliden Perenolde, Nagaz and Elysa captured her and made her the maid to Elysa. Sibilya discovered some disturbing information about Syndicate and Shadow Council inner workings, and was scheduled to be sacrificed.

Toumar, and advisor of the Regiment, appeared in the Perenolde Manor to rescue Sibilya, where she decided to set out to find her family. First she travelled to Mulgore, where she discovered that Pyronij had burned down their house to make a fresh start in Dustwallow. He left a letter and scroll of portalling, to send her to Dustwallow to find them.

After some more misadventures, Sibilya was thrown into a series of events circling around the Black Dragonflight, with Rooku Novafire, ending in her death. Details below under Her Death.

Her Methods Edit

When Sibilya is forced to fight or kill, she will most always use the method of stealing your weapon and smashing/slicing it through your neck. Though equally as ruthless as the Blood Mages and Blood Knights of the Sunfury (who trained her to defend herself when she was young), she has no special magical ability. Though she thoroughly despises violence, often has she been forced to stop and assaults with equal force. Often, though, when the need is less dire, she will look into her pink baggie and find something to throw at the opponent.

Usually fleeing.

Her Death Edit

On Saturday June 7th, 2007, Sibilya was killed in a shrine to Deathwing in the northeastern Blade's Edge Mountains. Sibilya and Rooku had previously consumed a sort of trap liquid, Death's Blood, which gave the Black Dragonflight control over them. Using this, they caused distruption within the Netherbright Regiment, and stole Gorehowl from Erelle Netherbright. The Regiment's Combat Division tracked them down shortly after they kidnapped Erelle, and Sibilya was killed by General Sael Skyskinner in confusion, shortly after Rooku and Sibilya had killed Erelle.

She was disembowled and mangled by General Skyskinner, and it was Vago who cremated her and put the urn on her tombstone. There was no actual funeral held. Sibilya's spirit lived on for some time in it's banshee form, but it eventually died because of lack of will shortly after contacting and saying goodbye to her dearest friends.

Sibilya, right before moving on, told Novaas to follow in her original footsteps as a Priestess of the Light. Her mother's death turned Novaas' life directly around, and is now working to become the youngest Discipline tutor in the history of Silvermoon's Sunfury Spire.

As Seen By Others Edit

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