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Information Edit


The rogue herself. From back to front: 12 years old, 16 years old, 24 years old, 6 years old. Picture by Lansiron and Suchevane of the Painted Axe

  • Name: Shaila Teretha Viridiant
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 4'11
  • Weight: 112 lbs.
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Brown
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Rogue
  • Realm: Feathermoon

Biography Edit

Shaila Teretha Viridiant was born a beautiful baby girl to Jonathan Allen Viridiant and Fiona Ellena Estera Viridiant, in the town of Lakeshire in the Redridge Mountains in the year 3 ADP(After Dark Portal). She was born just in time to see the first invasion of the orcs, and her family was forced to flee Lakeshire or be killed by the at that time demonically corrupted Horde. They joined up with the group of refugees led by Sir Anduin Lothar, and sailed north to Lordaeron.

She and her family settled in Southshore in the year 5 ADP along with many of the other refugees from the Kingdom of Stormwind. However, their stay in Southshore was a short one. After the birth of her brother, Farris, the Horde arrived in Lordaeron to continue their brutal war. Southshore was assaulted, and Shaila's family was forced to move once again, this time to the capital City of Lordaeron. Eventually, the Horde arrived outside of its walls as well, and laid siege to the city. With nowhere left to run, Shaila's family awaited their fate with the rest of the people trapped in the city.

However, a miracle happened. The Horde's siege on the city was broken as Gul'dan took his Stormreaver Clan and left Lordaeron to find the Tomb of Sargeras. Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer withdrew all of his forces to pursue the warlock, and the people of Lordaeron were spared. As the Alliance forces regrouped to push the Horde back, Shaila's family remained in Lordaeron. They would remain there through the end of the second war.

In the year 8 ADP, Shaila returned with her family at the age of five to the Kingdom of Stormwind. They do not settle in Lakeshire, her parents choosing instead to settle nearby in Elwynn Forest, near the Eastvale Logging Camp. Her family remained there for years, and for a while it seemed that they'd finally be left in peace.

It was not to be, though. In the year 15 ADP, at the age of twelve, Shaila lost her family to a pack of rabid wolves. Her little brother was torn from her grasp as they tried to escape into the river, and she was forced to hear his cries as she was swept away. Alone and without a family, Shaila was found and taken in by a troll named Dulrei, an exile of the Bloodscalp Tribe of Jungle Trolls. He becomes like a second father to her.

At fifteen years old Shaila began to train herself in the ways of the rogue, Dulrei having refused to train her on the grounds that she did not have the right mindset for the style. She had a great interest in poisons, and trained herself in them first. In an effort to make herself immune to a variety of poisons, she consumed small amounts of them regularly. Though it worked, Dulrei was furious when he found what she had been doing. It would later have consequences.

Shaila finally left Dulrei the next year to go out on her own, and turned to petty thievery on the streets of Stormwind City. She excels in picking locks and pockets, and stays alone, not joining any of the local gangs. Being so small she's commonly bullied, the stronger thieves and gangs taking her money regularly. Eventually she's found by an old dwarf named Relm Mandragore, and hires her to be a maid at his mansion hidden away somewhere in Redridge.

She would stay with Relm for four years, all the while growing more and more afraid for her life as she catches on to Relm's activities. She discovers he is an insane murderer, bringing girls to his mansion and killing them to stuff them and make them dolls in a macabre gallery hidden in his mansion. She is closely watched in her time outside of his mansion by his adopted son and daughter, who prevent her escape at every turn.

At the age of twenty she managed to lose them by getting herself captured by a gang part of the Defias Brotherhood. However, upon trying to join them she soon learned this gang was little better than Relm. The leader of this gang was a particularly lecherous Defias member who kept a harem, unknown to Edwin Van Cleef. Telling Shaila that she was not skilled enough to fight for the Defias, she was forced to stay and be a part of his harem.

For a full year, every single night, she was made to please the members of this gang. It was soon after a Defias member named Loche Shadowstalker slept with her that she became pregnant. A baby boy was born, and she barely got to even see his face before the Defias took him away from her to be raised as one of them. Shaila and Loche never got each other's names, and would never find out the connection they had. Losing her son was the last straw for Shaila. It reawakened her will to fight, and she escaped from the gang.

She left the Eastern Kingdoms after that, travelling across the ocean to Kalimdor to live in Theramore Isle. It was during her travels through Dustwallow Marsh that she met a tauren named Tencius, who saved her from a group of orcs that were pursuing her through the swamp. They quickly became friends, and they fought together with Jaina Proudmoore and Thrall's forces against Admiral Daelin Proudmoore's invading troops. Shaila stayed long enough to help rebuild Theramore after the destruction from the battle, and then went back home to the kingdom of Stormwind.

It was during a stay at Northshire Abbey that Shaila finally found someone willing to give her training in the ways of the rogue. She became a heavy alcoholic, and began a career as a mercenary, entering into the short portion of her life for which she feels most guilty for. She took a variety of jobs, killing anything from a gnoll to an innocent family who for one reason or another got on someone's bad side, using a special poisonous lipstick for the tougher jobs she could not accomplish through fighting. Eventually, she was noticed by SI:7 and joined them as a Fourth Finger rogue, mainly working in poison development but also doing the occasional missions.

One day while staying at the Gilded Rose in Stormwind City, Shaila overheard plans being made by members of a guild called the Order of the Rose (led at that time by Lord Thornt) to attack a Horde outpost in the Barrens. Growing tired of the conflicts carried out between adventurers of the two factions, Shaila decided to become a sort of activist. She approached the Rose, and made it clear that if their attacks on Horde outposts continued, she would kill members of the guild.

The guild not seeming to comply, Shaila eventually approached a member of the Rose, a night elf named Chelody Smallwing. Angered by Shaila's threats, Chelody challenged the rogue to a fight hoping to teach her something. Shaila won the fight, though did not kill her since it was under the guise of a friendly duel and within sight of Stormwind guards. She left the druid with a promise of killing her when they next met. That chance soon came, as Shaila happened upon Chelody and a night elf warrior named Rhel in Booty Bay. Shaila began to sneak up behind Chelody, but was foiled as a paladin named Valedor Whisperheart, a friend of the two night elves, came up behind Shaila. She made a quick escape, jumping into the water after Rhel who had jumped in after a letter a few moments earlier.

She escaped Booty Bay by holding Rhel hostage, letting him go after nearly killing him thanks to a poisoned stab wound. Surprisingly enough, Rhel soon came to find her and asked for her help. Something was inside of the warrior, and the only way to bring it out was to put his life in real danger without actually killing him outright. Shaila was the only one he knew who was willing and able to do that.

After aiding Rhel with his troubles, Shaila soon became friends with the group including Opalle and Keltarin Dreamhunter. She even joined the Order of the Rose after a while upon the invitation of Lillieanna Steele, though she was still an agent of SI:7. It was around this time that Shaila's consumption of poisons early on in her life caught up with her, as a doctor in SI:7 informed her that she had only several months to live. She became extremely ill as her body broke down and her time began to run out, her friends searching desperately for a way to cure her. A solution was found in the form of an old enemy of theirs called Tyrhellius, the only one to know a way to construct a new body for someone, involving the mysterious Spirit Healers. He made Shaila walk into a pack of Worgen in Duskwood, her being forced to go through the torment of being eaten alive before being raised in her new healthy body, identical to the last. She fell in love with Valedor during all this, and they became very close.

Shaila began to feel restless, not doing as much as she used to in trying to stop the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde. It was in this way that she became involved with Clay Vagos and later The Tri-City Assault.


Shaila with her son, Tobias. Picture by Lansiron and Suchevane of the Painted Axe

She left the Rose as well as SI:7 after that, and it was then that the best thing in a while happened to her. During the first annual Children's Week, she found a two year old boy in the orphanage whom she immediately knew to be her son that had been taken from her by the Defias. She named him Tobias, as suggested by Chelody, and took him back into her life. Another blessing came soon after this as she found that she was pregnant. But then, of course, bad news came once again.

Relm Mandragore found her. After a few warnings to her friends to return Shaila, she gave herself up after a fight with Keltarin, her thinking it was best if Relm simply did away with her as he planned to. Relm's daughter growing jealous of all the attention he paid his "dolls", she snuck Shaila to her room where she put the rogue under excruciating torture. Relm killed his daughter in a rage after he discovered this. Shaila's friends, including Tsoshen Nightfury and Erilahl Runestrider found the mansion as well as Shaila when she was close to death, killed Relm and his adopted son and rescued Shaila.

Shaila joined the Greymane Exiles after that mess, and in an effort to once again help the tensions between factions decided to aid Uthas in his peace efforts at the suggestion of Ceil Nightfury. It was in this way that Shaila became deeply involved in the events surrounding The Dispossessed, being one of Uthas' chief followers. It was also around this time that Valedor left without a word, leaving her to raise Tobias and her newborn daughter Jaina with only the help of her friends. After Uthas' forces were defeated, Shaila once again joined the Order of the Rose, now under the leadership of Chelody Smallwing and Kalice Avery.

She is now 24, and her life has continued happily enough since then, though she is now involved in the more ominous and world encompassing troubles that plague Azeroth. She has joined a group of adventurers led by the Wildfire Riders in bringing peace back to the world of Azeroth, beginning with the Molten Core in the deepest parts of Blackrock Mountain. It's there that they, after months of struggling with the fire elementals (interrupted briefly by a renewed Scourge invasion), defeated their powerful leader Ragnaros. They now turn their sights to the forces of the Black Dragonflight, led by Nefarian.

Shaila has also once again started leading tours of the various regions on Azeroth, both in the Eastern Kingdoms and in Kalimdor. She is aided in this spreading of understanding of the world by a Forsaken named Matirda Davenport and a Darkspear troll named Janje. She is also involved with Janje and a paladin named Bricu Bittertongue, among various other spiritual personalities, in an Interfaith Council with the purpose of figuring out how to stop the hostilities between the Horde and the Alliance.

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