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Shadecrank Sprocketwinder (Shadecrankus lactose maximus)

Shadecrank loves milk. Any kind will do, at any time of the day. He is also a dedicated tinkerer and inventor.

Though he is an accomplished warlock, Shadecrank quickly learned that the word "warlock" could send conversations in directions that the gnome found inconvenient. He started to hide that particular personal interest from the main public and only referred to it as his "hobby". Any minions were, and still are, referred to as "friends". Being ostracized for something he merely used to help in his engineering endeavors did not sit well the Shadecrank. He began denying any claims of consorting with demons. Best not to have those arguments (or as some called them, "discussions") he thought.

In his youth, Shadecrank's great dream was to acquire schematics of an owl (no one ever seemed to know where to find any) and then, from there, build a prototype. Over the course of a couple months, a prototype was finally built and tested...once. On his first test run, Shadecrank ran into a bit of an "accident" and basically disappeared for a few months.

On his return, the Shadecrank became a bit more involved with his "hobby". The ones that knew him well, were the only ones to openly know about his area of study. His interest in studying demons specifically had gone down but other abilities would come in handy...and not just for him!

Although something of a mischief maker, Shadecrank has always keeps his sense of formality about him. Referring to others as things like "Mister Scrollhaven", "Sir Alistair", "Miss Vomica", and "Lady Vaj", Mister Swashbuckler King (and "Queen Chaand", of course). He'll throw an explosive in the middle of a crowded pub but if your name is Luke Cloudhopper, you better believe he'll call you "Mister Cloudhopper" unless told to do otherwise. Shadecrank will call some by name merely because he's forgotten their surname or he was never told what it was in the first place.

In recent years Shadecrank has become close several adventurers, and would most often be found in the company of the mage Rheena, the warrior Alistair, fellow tinkerer Azi, the self-professed Swashbucker King Elmorgo, and of course the gnome to whom he would become engaged, Pepepper Tinkergear. Unfortunately, Shadecrank's easy-going and impressionable nature combined with Elmorgo's charismatic, manic, and reckless personality was a recipe for disaster and the two found themselves in one jam after another. This caused a rift between Elmorgo and Pepepper, who's concern for Shadecrank caused her to see her old friend Elmorgo in a different light, as a self-serving narcissist who only sought to keep Shadecrank under his influence(Morgo's insistence that Shadecrank find a rich wife and take Pepepper as a mistress did little to seal the rift).

Shortly after Elmorgo was imprisoned in a goblin debtor colony, Shadecrank disappeared mysteriously and has not been heard from since. While some believe that Shadecrank got cold feet and fled his impending nuptials, others believe that he launched a an ill-advised rescue attempt to save his old friend Elmorgo from Undermine (When asked about this, Elmorgo was characteristically evasive), others even insist that he blew himself into another dimension while attempting to create "I Can't Believe It's Not Milk," a fat-free dairy substitute. Wherever he may be, the search for Shadecrank Sprocketwinder continues...

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