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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Rajan Horde 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Troll Male Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Hunter 70 The Sidewinder Band Sargeant
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Physical DescriptionEdit

Rajan stands at an average troll height of seven feet and eight inches, his naturally-spiked hair adding another two-and-a-half inches. His skin and fur is pale blue, as typical of some jungle troll coloration. His hair, which is spiked on his cranium and loose below his ears to the small of his back, is a notable shade of deep crimson. His eyes are gold, a rare-but-not-impossible pigmentation for troll eyes, which are typically red or orange. His tusks are recurved, jutting upwards from his bottom jaw and nearly coming back around above his long nose. The pair of tusks seem to carry an unnatural shimmer, almost as if they were metal instead of bone. The only noticeable accessory is a single golden, hooped earring pierced a third of the way up his left ear.

Biography - Age 1 to 25Edit

Rajan was born in Stranglethorn the very year the First War began. His father was a Darkspear scout named Ken'dé and his mother was a Bloodscalp captive named Jenjayli. Her pregnancy--which is said to have been caused by consensual means rather than rape--saved her from a planned cannibalistic ritual, which the Darkspear tribe occasionally practiced before joining the new Horde. Rajan, along with his mother, was regarded with decided disdain by the Darkspear, and only Ken'dé could ward off the aggression against them. The scout, however, met an untimely death when his party was ambushed by another, larger Skullsplitter hunting group. Rajan was five at this time. Hardly three months passed after Ken'dé's demise when Jenjayli succumbed to a rare-but-deadly jungle disease (unconfirmed theories claim she was murdered), leaving the troll child orphaned in a spiteful tribe. One of the Darkspear's herbalists, Keis, took Rajan in.

In time the Darkspears accepted Rajan, but not without pinning a condemning title to his name: The Half-Breed. He was ten years of age when Keis--whose intentions had been malevolent against the child all along--met an unfortunate accident near the Vile Reef. Rajan had exhibited his first berserker rage and killed the aging herbalist, discarded his body in the ocean and claimed that a crocolisk had devoured the troll when questioned. Since then he had worked to prove himself amongst the rest of the Darkspears, slowly but surely gaining their trust while learning to revile his Bloodscalp half-kin.

At age eighteen, Rajan left Stranglethorn with the rest of his diminishing tribe, having been pushed out by the threat of extinction by the opposing Bloodscalp and Skullsplitter tribes. For two years he lived with the exiled Darkspear on a chain of islands--presumably the Broken Isles. They shared the islands with murloc neighbors for only a short while before the previously docile, aquatic creatures began to attack the trolls. When humans of the Kul Tiras joined the fray, all hope seemed lost for Rajan's people. But his leader, Sen'jin, had a vision in which he saw a young orc coming to rescue the Darkspear. Sure enough, the orc that the old troll saw marooned on the islands when the Maelstrom threatened to tear his ships asunder. Thrall--which was his name--and his orc allies saved the trolls from certain doom, but not before Sen'jin was sacrificed by the murlocs to their mysterious benefactor, the Sea Witch. Thankful for Thrall's heroic actions, Vol'jin--Sen'jin's son and apprentice, and now the Darkspears' new leader--pledged his peoples' loyalty to the orc's cause. Though Vol'jin and a few select trolls remained on the islands to recover valuable equiptment, Rajan and the rest of his people left with Thrall to the new, promising land of Kalimdor.

Before Rajan's people had a chance to settle, the Burning Legion attacked. The trolls helped Thrall and their newest allies, the Tauren, fend off the demons. During this time Rajan served as a simple lumberjack, felling trees for use as fortifications while Thrall and many others took the front lines of battle. Eventually the battle ceased with the orcs as the victor. Vol'jin arrived shortly after and settled his people on the chain of islands near the southeastern shore of the dry land known as Durotar. The islands were called the Echo Isle, but, though they very much resembled the Darkspears' homeland of Stranglethorn, harmony was not to be had for long. The Kul Tiras navy swept in and began to attack the trolls, during which Rajan, once again, took to hacking down trees--though he never admitted to it, he had little experience in battle and was afraid to take up arms. When the humans were successfully pushed back, another tragedy ensued: Zalazane, the tribe's powerful witch doctor, turned on his people and began to hex the minds of unfortunate Darkspear victims. Rajan was one of the few that escaped to the mainland of Durotar, where he helped construct the village of Sen'jin, named after their old leader.

When the fragile truce between Thrall's Horde and the Alliance broke, Rajan finally took it upon himself to do more for his people. He sought training in the ways of a hunter, a role of tradition for his people, and set out to make a name for himself.

Biography - Age 26 to 28Edit


- Rajan has a particular distaste for rain, having spent nearly two years of his life where the rain never stopped.

- Rajan was created with the idea that the troll accent would be easier to pull off as a male.

- Rajan's riding raptors were named after members of the temporarily-disbanded rock band, System of a Down: Serj Tankian, Shavo Odadijan, and Daron Malakian. (Names, or parts thereof, that are bolded are the exact names given to the raptors)

- Rajan's wyvern, Kresh'il, is named after a player-character I once knew on the game EverQuest 2.

- Rajan dislikes all things technological, except zeppelins. The Gun skill is still unlearned.

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