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178 - 7 Edit

Harkens back to the official boards when a notorious rabble-rouser named Soulblade infamously began a thread simply to boast of his "Awesome PvP Skillz", stated in the subject line as:

Me 178 today Horde 7.

This led to the Great Soulblade Flamewar of '05 which raged across factions and threads for weeks, before dying down with Soulblade's merciful disappearance.The entry of the ratio "178:7" into the Feathermoon lexicon was just one of the inexorable ripples of this great storm.

To be "178:7", or simply "178" at something means that you are not only good at something, but so good at it that you deserve boasting rights.

Usually posted as "<subject> 178, <insert adversary or subject here> 7"


Used to be shouted when Troy rode through town on his kodo. First undead to get to Exalted with Thunder Bluff, and used to be the GM of Earthtreaders as well. (Thanks, Wryn)

<Cult of the Batta> Edit

References (Thanks, Sheyon)

Deeprun Tram Incident Edit

A documentary where a person playing a dwarf stumbled upon a pair of elves cybering in the tram. Has spawned an influx of leetdewds and given the server some infamy. Symbolic reference to [Dwarven Hand Cannon]s, tree disguises, and making crow noises all stem from this incident.

A link to this specific event can be found here.

Blackwatch Edit

The guild Blackwatch, along with its associates, gained a considerable amount of infamy after launching a forum smear campaign against Feathermoon player Atheros. The conspiracy would eventually be debunked, with it being discovered that Atheros was actually in on the joke, and later joined with the guild. As a result, Blackwatch secured its place in the annals of Feathermoon drama.

The group would also become notorious for its trolling of the Alliance's chat channels, and for other inflammatory events sponsored by them, including the 'Blocking the Battlemasters' incident and several cases of player harassment, particularly that of roleplayers.

The long-run guild, eventually disbanded, was formed following the dissolution of The Black Myrmidons, previously led by Emily; in this way, it perpetuated the previous line of trolls.

Blame Loche Edit

When something bad happens, it is probably Loche's fault. Or at least we enjoy blaming him for it.


(Thanks, Fyriat)

Craked Edit

To get involved in an argument with Crake often involves very scathing-but-admired commentary. Crake's art for discussion has warranted its own verb in the common vernacular.

Emily's Jockstrap Edit

None can handle it! (Thanks, Zalissa)

Hail Kull Edit

An expression used in reverence to the vast and unfathomable figure himself: the Kull.



Hinote's hair Edit

Does it approve? (Thanks, Zalissa)

I'm a Dawnfire Alt Edit

I dunno how widespread it is, but in my circles, "I'm a Dawnfire Alt" is a common cry. (Thanks, Demily)

Minty Edit

Used by trolls to refer to the taste of Night Elves. For some, it has become an expression meaning "great": "minty!" Started by Ashlin?

Kill Yourself and Join the Sidewinder Band Edit

An expression that may have emerged from marketing the guild. It grew to become a word of advice for lost souls in need of general advice.

Kookies Edit

A mentally ill Night Elf warrior from our server who insists he is working for our betterment. Be careful what you say, or he will "pop" you in real life. Although he's been banned from the forums more than enough times, he still decides to come back. Just ignore him please.

love, nathan Edit

The familiar signature used dutifully at the end of nearly all of Matsujin's posts. (From Jamarra- Just a note: Mats never capitalized his own name. He truly was that emo. Therefore, the correct entry should be "love, nathan".)

Murlocking Edit

A disgruntled troll protested the use of the word "trolling" (meaning "looking for a fight"), and proposed the replacement term "murlocking".

Naked White Kodos Edit

The White Kodo Clan's march through orgrimmar... nekkid. (Thanks, Wryn)

Pantsless Wednesday Edit

A Kaldorei tradition of oft-debated authenticity, observation of this holiday entails a wide variety of practices and interpretations.

"Quaving", or "to Quave" or "Quaved" Edit

Definition: To shamelessly steal a killing blow from a teammate during PvP combat, usually done with one strong finishing blow when the target is at critical health.

Origin: Back in the days of the "old school" PvP battlegrounds, when Arathi Basin was just a distant dream and Warsong Gulch was the honor grind, there was a certain rogue named Quave who would stalk around the battlefield, waiting for opportune moments when his allies would whittle an opponent down so that he could steal the Killing Blow with a well timed Ambush. He would do this so much that, in time, the phrase "You Quaved my kill!" became common amongst the regular PvP Horde. (Thanks, Ebonthunder)

Sam Sauce Edit

Now with 20% less sodium, but 100% of the taste! (Thanks, Zalissa)

Soulblade Edit

A Night Elf Hunter of Feathermoon, Soulblade coined the phrase "<insert anything, relevant or not> 178, <insert another thing, relevant or not> 7."

Soulblade then disappeared for months, sparking a search team and several funeral services. When he eased back into the scene in December of 2005, the Feathermoon population rejoiced.

Spamhuinn Edit

Named after Samhiunn, a forum poster so avid that his posts would add up like a wall of posting doom. Sometimes used to refer to someone's zealous sprees in the forums.

Strategery Edit

(Thanks, Zalissa)

TarqMamba, Inc. Edit

A vast conglomerate megacorporation owned and run by Yamamba and Tarquin.

Thunderblade Edit

Continuing the famed "Page 8" tradition of completely and utterly making an idiot of oneself on the forums, Thunderblade became famous for being a ninja (his first mistake), getting called out for changing his character name, then posting on the forums under said new character name denying he was Thunderblade. Unfortunately, his signature still read "THUNDERBLADE", inspiring the war-cry of easily amused people the world over.

(Note: Thunderblade was NOT a Feathermoon player, and this incident did not in fact take place on Feathermoon. The meme was adopted by many servers, and stuck on Feathermoon due to repeated Thunderblade-like incidents.)

/waffle Edit

Aleros is responsible for some reprehensible-yet-innocent (?) innuendos pertaining to syrupy waffles. It has its own emote. Whether or not this is reportable offense is debatable, and the decision tends to change from one day to the next, sort of like... yeah.

WoWhaus Edit

A semi-mythical establishment supposedly in the vicinity of Las Vegas. It stared many personalities from Feathermoon

Prydion: Manager
Corspilla: Accountant
Brayden: Whipping boy
Yva: Resident Diva (also founder of the WoWhaus phonesex line)
Davien: Resident Good Girl
Branwynne: Dwarven Kicker of Ass
Gharr: Gold Farmer

In the many episodes, we discovered that:

Prydion wanted to delve into Smokey's many layers. Branwynne should not be allowed to talk to customers (or their mothers) Corspilla likes maggots and sheeping pallys and lighting people on fire.

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