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Not much is know about Nocturna de Cascada, both past and present. She appears to be very old, some claiming to have known her and fought with her against the Burning Legion 10,000 years ago. However, she suffers from amnesia due to an accident at sea about 200 years ago and can not recall any of her life before washing up on the shores of Kalimdor. Shortly after making her way into the world again, she became a Sentinel of Ashenvale, and was on her way to recovering her abilities. But then the Dark Portal was opened, putting the world at peril. Eventually, the Orcish Horde arrived at her beloved forest home in force. Her home was destroyed by the Warsong Clan, and while she was able to exact revenge on the Legion itself, the Warsong Lumber Camp now stands where her peaceful grove once did. To this day, she has not forgiven the Orcs for this transgression. Unable to avenge her home, Nocturna willingly joined the Alliance to protect what she could of the world from what she perceived as a dangerous and reckless Horde. She because a strong and seasoned fighter in her own right, persevering in battles at locations such as Blackrock Mountain, Ahn'Quiraj, and the Naxxaramus.

Shortly after this, Nocturna was contacted by a hooded figure in a brilliant red robe, offering her an opportunity to serve anew. She accepted, and began building the Red Eagle Flight with other fighters who were willing to help too. The small, covert group moved through Azeroth and Kalimdor seemingly at random, appearing at places of great corruption and peril, and in places of peace and prosperity. One thing was clear, though, the group was interested in the balance of life on Azeroth and often recovered seemingly mundane items at great personal risk. During these investigations, a new threat was discovered in the Plaguelands of Azeroth. At Nocturna's orders, the entire Flight was committed to stopping the events of Absolution and the fallen paladin, Uthas. Flight member Amyliana was captured and lynched in Duskwood by followers of Uthas, and the retribution Nocturna brought was severe and swift. After contributing to the final battle against Uthas and his group, Nocturna quietly buried Amyliana at Grim Batol and disappeared from public view for some time.

Nocturna re-appeared in Outland, now serving the Sons of Lothar and the Alliance on the broken planet of Draenor. Whether or not she was there under orders or of her own volition is still unclear, but she could often be found in areas where Fel Orcs were operating. Eventually, Nocturna was recruited to fight with the Alliance and Horde against the Burning Legion in both Outland and at the Sunwell. After Kil'Jaden's defeat, she went into seclusion again in the wilds of northern Kalimdor. While there she encountered the Scourge attacking the Goblin town of Everlook, and helped to repel the invading forces.


Reports after this of Nocturna are vague, at best. An ally of Nocturna's claims she saw Nocturna meeting with a red-robed man in Darnassus before teleporting away with him in a bright light. The next anyone saw of her she was seem operating out of the Wyrmrest Temple wearing the colors of the Red Dragonflight. While conflicting reports put her in different places at the same time, she was apparently involved in several large battles against the scourge before the bulk of Alliance and Horde forces entered Northrend. Weeks after arriving in the frigid north, however, Nocturna disappeared completely in a part of the continent that has been cut off by the Scourge. The only evidence of her presence that remains are her "lucky" goggles, crafted by her own hands, found broken and stained with blood in a snowbank at the foot of Icecrown Citadel.

Argent Dawn agents in the Plaguelands reported seeing a Night Elf matching Nocturna's description attacking the Scarlet settlement of Havenshire alongside the scourge in the area. These reports were later confirmed by Alliance and Horde forces who encountered Nocturna fully under the control of the Lich King in Northrend. She was responsible for the deaths of several people before the Lich King fell and Queen of the Red Dragonflight Alexstrasza was able to wrest control of Nocturna away from the Undead Scourge.

Nocturna was brought to Hyjal, where Alexstrasza used the latent powers of the Well of Eternity and her own abilities to ressurect Nocturna to life, with her mind free of any domination. Upon waking, and discovering what had unfolded during her "death," Nocturna was furious with the Red Dragonflight for allowing her to be corrupted in the first place and letting her kill so many of her allies. Feeling betrayed after all she had done for the Dragons, Nocturna cut all ties with the Red Dragonflight and began to hire herself out as a mercenary. Those who see her today note that while her eternal elven features haven't changed, she appears worn around the eyes, and that much of the light in her eyes has dimmed. She spends most of her time in Panderia now, isolating herself from the places and people she previously had been in close contact with.

What lies in the future for Nocturna, whose life has twice been lost in time remains to be seen.

Quick Facts Edit

Name: Nocturna de Cascada
Known Affiliations: The Red Eagle Flight/Chaos/Red Dragonflight
Occupation: Hunter/Adventurer
Professions: Leatherworker/Gnomish Engineer
Companion: Ivory the Spotted Frostsaber
Home: Stormwind, Trade District


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