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Archmage Mixler Thaumajinx, the Red Wizard

Gnomish Engineer and Arcanist

Short, with thick brown hair and a big nose. Has laugh lines around his blue eyes, but worry marks are beginning to show on his forehead. On his shoulders are traced the tattoos of Ogre Magi. Has a wry grin. Blushes easily. Wears a monocle, and a wide-brimmed red hat.

Easy to laugh and rather impudent, Mixler uses his innate charm without realizing it. Though hardly happy-go-lucky, he's easy going, friendly, and optimistic. Years of study and magic have made him rather scatter-brained, and though he's very intelligent, he often misses the point. Mixler is also naively curious, and has stuck his foot in his mouth more than once because of it.

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Mixler was discovered to have mage-talent at an early age, and was sent to live and study in Dalaran. He blossomed in the academic environment, studying everything he could get his hands on. He currently holds degrees in physics, archaelogy, arcaneology, engineering and applied mathematics. Mixler also kept in close contact with his parents and numerous sisters, and was on his way to Gnomeregan for a visit when Dalaran was destroyed. Later, while on leave from the war effort, another journey home found Gnomeregan overrun with his parents still somewhere inside.

Mixler shortly began teaching classes at the mage academy in Stormwind to support his pack of younger sisters. While there, he became aquainted with several of the local nobility through the children they sent to his classes. Thus, after observing an attack in Westfall, he was not wholly dismissed when he proposed the idea of forming the GuildWatch. Since then, the 'Watch has flourished, and he has become more and more enmeshed in Stormwind's political atmosphere. No one knows how many plans and intrigues the unassuming gnome is privy to, but he's gotten in trouble more than once for sticking his big nose into places it shouldn't belong.

Only three monthes into his term as GuildWatch administrator, evidence presented by Shirkata Sullenmoon led the GuildWatch to launch its first and currently last preemptive strike against the Undercity. Mixler masterminded the plans behind the infamous the Tri-City Assault, which ended as a partial defeat of both sides. Since then Mixler has led forces in both the Battle of Hillsbrad, and the Battle of Alterac Valley, as well as scattered skirmishes around the globe.

In need of funds, Mixler obtained enough investor interest to refound the defunct SnowMaster Corporation, begun by his great-uncle Multipole Brassgears, who perished in Gnomeregan's fall. Though no will was ever recovered, it was commonly known Brassgears wished his assets to pass to his last male descendant. Mixler was given the family schematics to the immensely popular SnowMaster 8000 when he came of age. Now, a retooling and updated technology allowed the new SnowMaster Corp. to produce SnowMaster 9000s, and to this day at least half of all SnowMasters in Azeroth bear the Thaumajinx seal.

In the Spring after open hostilities resumed with the Horde, Mixler sequestered himself for two monthes within the Kal'doreian ruins of Eldre'thalas. There is little information on what happened during this time, but Mixler emerged a changed gnome. He wore various trappings of ogre royalty, carried tomes on magical techniques long forgotten, and began purchasing numerous raw materials and devices to be shipped to the Dire Maul. Possessed with new purpose, it was shortly after this that Mixler began gathering a group of young magelings and warlocks to begin training as his apprentices. Thus, the Arcane Academy was founded.

The following two years were spent facing various threats to the sanctity of the Alliance: Nefarion's draconic breeding program, the rise of the Silithid, and Kel'thuzad's return. The Horde too was not quiescent, and Mixler led numerous defenses against Low Red Moon, Noxilite, Doragon, Omen, the B+ Team, the Westfall Insurgency, and the hunt for the Black Hand, among others. For several months, Mixler allowed the Arcane Academy to shelter a young Night Elven girl named Shiroi. This earned the enmity of Kuroi, guildmistress of the bloated Hand of the Forsaken, as well as bounties on all Academy students and faculty. With the assistance of the 'Watch, Shiroi was kept secure until Kuroi's death and the Hand's implosion.

Shortly after this, Mixler came into possession of three rings through the machinations of Levie Mel'Fein, an undead witch. This led to tragedy months later when the rings released a powerful curse, precipitating the death of two Academy members and Mixler's dearest friend Zem. Mixler's self-recrimination over the ordeal did much to temper his younger optimistic idealism.

For a couple years, Mixler has led a branch of Guildwatch explorers, thrill-seekers, and archaeologists in the Guildwatch Exploration Initiative, or GW-X. The group successfully completed their tour of the Gurubashi ruins, and has a dual-team cataloging the library of Karazhan. Mixler also traveled extensively with team Chaos in their early efforts against the Black Dragonflight and Silithid, and has worked with the Nocturnals against Illidin's lieutenants since the reopening of the Dark Portal.

Most recently, Mixler was abducted from his bedroom by agents of the B+ Team. They have kept him alive but imprisoned the past couple months for some inscrutable purpose. The Guildwatch is in much disarray as a result, as the officers and membership scramble to locate and rescue their leader.

Recently, the Guildwatch attacked Silvermoon City, found Mixler and escaped with minimal casualties.

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