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Physical DescriptionEdit

Meios stands at 5'9", weighing at a net of about 75 kg (Roughly 165 lbs). Outwardly she appears remotely as a Highborne (Shen'dralar), with soft sun-kissed skin. Creamy, strawberry blond hair falls to about her midriff and is well kept before and after skirmishes. A leather eye-patch, with a thin Mithril plate placed into the material, is stamped with a skull relief outline, which covers where her right eye should be. Her lips are soft, plush, and pursed while her eyes retain an iridescent remnant of that once arcane, yellow glow mixed with that of the fel jade. She is athletically curvaceous, with an evidently larger bust size than that of the Sin'dorei women.

Lining her backside, from her shoulder-blades to the dimples on her back are runic tattooed symbols representing several different Paladin-granted abilities, such as: an Aura, Seal spells, Blessing spells, and Judgement spells. Each one will emit an intense glow, Which represents each activated ability. It should be noted that No two Rune's of the same classification will ever glow at once, it's impossible.

Personality DescriptionEdit

Meios is rather... bouncy, if not erratic. Her adolescence hasn't quite given up on her as she pursues curiosity among the lands of Azeroth as well as Outland, formerly known as Draenor. She seems quite content with nearly anything although with adolescence comes an equal string of responsibility and more importantly.. Maturity. Her emotions can be best described as a marathon of every instance in one go. Although outgoing, Meios often finds herself needing time alone, or within the company of her Sister, Natonyia.

Behavioral QuirksEdit

Meios talks in her sleep and will sometimes try to mimic her in-dream actions. (i.e trying to undress because she wants to frolic naked in a dream's rain storm) She also appears to be a very sound sleeper, at least, after getting herself drunk.
When she gets drunk her speech will noticeably start to degrade (i.e slurring, gibberish) to very broken Thalassian and then finally to very bad Orcish.


Pre-game PastEdit

Meios was conceived by the pairing of a Shen'dralar Priest, Castor Myr'Draeval, and Rogue, Lilaeya Moonwell. The two were exiled from Eldre'Thalas after committing an act of treason, which led to them taking a small water vessel out to sea as their Highborne brothers and sisters drew them far to the western beaches of Feralas. Casting out to the harsh open sea, the two had nothing else but each other. Several months passed before the two thought to conceive a child, and at sea no less. The two had a long discussion about having a baby, and upon their decision they sought to one another for coupling.

Several months had gone by before the pregnancy was at a noticeably large state. They survived every day by eating fish they caught and the algae they scrapped from the side of the boat near the water. Through careful cleaning and preparation, the algae could be salvaged to a point where it would be edible. Nine long months passed by, what seemed like days to the happy couple, was actually several months. The baby was soon to be born into this world of Azeroth, more importantly.. At sea. Feeling the time to be right, The Rogue mother gave birth to her long awaited child. Castor and Lilaeya thought nothing was more rewarding and beautiful then that of their new Daughter, whom they named Meios.

The evening after the young Meios was born; a terrible storm came upon the ship. Castor tried everything in his power to protect his wife and child, but the storm wouldn't be stopped by a lone Priest. The ship was torn asunder, and Castor and Lilaeya panicked and searched for a part of the ship that could hold one of them with their child. Elune smiled upon them as a large and rather sturdy part of the ship emerged from below the waters' surface. It was only big enough to have Lilaeya and Meios upon it as Castor grabbed onto the side of the wooden edge and kicked with his feet in one solid direction.

When he could kick no more, he bade his wife and child farewell, gave the floating piece of wood one good push and prayer in the same direction he was going and then he sank to the depths of the Sea floor. As the storm subsided, Lilaeya felt her life straining on the loss of her husband and all that had kept them together. The survival and safety of her child was the only thing now that remained as her final purpose and so she carefully placed the child down and began paddling. What seemed like days were only a few mere hours as the mother saw land off in the far distance. In the eighteen months at sea, when they left Feralas on their ship, it had drifted north, around the tip of Kalimdor and just above the Maelstrom until what remained of the ship beached itself on the shores of Sunstrider Isle.

There, Lilaeya remained in the world of Azeroth to see a stranger approach her. Explaining quickly to the stranger what had happened, she left the care of her child in the hands of this person she would never know. The stranger was the local Matron at the orphanage prior to the coming of the scourge, as well as Arthas. Throughout Meios' growing life, she would learn and witness several events. Most notably, that of Prince Arthas Menethil whom had ravaged through the lands of Eversong Forest up from the former Blackened Woods, now renamed: Ghostlands.

Long after the swift departure of Arthas, and then the rebuilding of Silvermoon City, Meios was about the age when all young Bloodelves pick up a sword for the first time. Around this time, the Order of the Blood Knights had taken notice to Meios. Her natural prowess with controlling arcane magic was profound among most other children her age, which was the main cause for her immediate invitation to the Order of the Blood Knights. As her trials grew, meeting each with the determination and tenacity that would make her parents proud, Meios found herself excel far beyond the expectation that was set for her. With this in mind, and a decision to make.. she was approached by Lady Liadrin and brought down to the chamber below which held M'uru, the captive Naaru...

<Farstriders' Square; Blood Knight HQ>Edit

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<The Crimson Guard>Edit

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<Blind Faith>Edit

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<Mercenaries of the Horde>Edit

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<Tyrants of the Horde>Edit

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<The Cartographic Society>Edit

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<Kilburn Knights> Edit

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<House of Wallaby> Edit

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Lilaeya Moonwell; Highborne Rogue / Assassin (Mother - Deceased)
Castor Myr'Draeval; Highborne Priest / Arcanist (Father - Deceased)


Calliope Del'Aras Myr'Draeval; Sin'dorei Paladin-Initiate (Adoptive Daughter - Alive)
Tiraydra Myr'Draeval; Sin'dorei Paladin / Time-Traveler (Biological Daughter from future - Not known)


Prince Whitedawn; Naaru disguised as a Sin'dorei (Best friend/Like a Brother - Whereabouts Unknown)
Natonyia; Sin'dorei Paladin (Sister-in-Arms - Alive)
Cerza the Umbran Witch; Sin'dorei Priest / Tinkerer (An engineer she does business with - Alive)
Myrloch Shadowblade; High Elf Rogue / Infiltrator (A Benefactor, 'Ghost' from the Second War - Alive)
Alithen Darkblade; Sin'dorei Paladin (Former close friend - Deceased)

Accessory ItemsEdit

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Possessions/Personal EffectsEdit

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OOC NotesEdit

MRP In-GameEdit

N a m e s a k eEdit

Full Name:: Meios Maeiv Myr'Draeval.

Spoken Name:: Meios.

Acquired Names:: Mei.

Proclaimed Name:: Holy Templar Knight, Meios Maeiv Myr'Draeval.

N u m e r i c a lEdit

Appearing Age:: Twenty-Seven.

Factual Age:: First Life.

Recorded Age:: Seven Thousand-Nine Hundred Ninety-Eight.

S o c i o l o g i c a lEdit

Classes:: Retribution Paladin, Windwalker Monk.

Profession:: Mining, Smelting, Jewelcrafting and Prospecting.

Alignment:: Scrupulous.

Marital Status:: Single, Mother.

Sexuality:: Straight.

Threat Level:: Undetermined, Harmless at first glance.

B i o l o g i c a lEdit

Hair Colour:: Strawberry Blonde.

Eye Colour:: Golden yellow w/ Azure.

Body Type:: Curvacious, Voluptuous, Athletically toned.

Height:: Five Feet Nine Inches.

Weight:: One-Hundred Sixty-Five pounds.

Gender:: Female.

Measurements:: 36DD-23-34.

Cleanliness:: Immaculate.

Skin Colour:: Caucasian, Tanned.

Stereo Type:: Highborne.

Culture Origin:: Shen'dralar of Eldre'thalas.

Physical Flaws:: Runic Tattoo's outlining entire back. Missing left eye from Exploration and profession accident.

P o l e m o l o g yEdit

Birthed:: Arcane Torrent, Arcane Affinity and Magic Resistance.

Learned, Weapon:: Axes | Maces | Polearms | Swords.

Learned, Armor:: Cloth | Leather | Mail | Plate.

Primary Discipline:: Paladin - Retribution / Protection.

Sub-Discipline:: Monk - Windwalker / Windweaver.

A c c e s s o r i e sEdit

Travelbag and pouches with unknown contents.

D e i t yEdit

Religion:: Naaru, A'dal.

Beliefs:: Everything happens for a reason.

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