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Labrae Ishura, age 19.

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Biography Edit

Labrae's earliest memories are of her as a teen, marching to The Scarlet Monastery to undergo training as a holy priest. When out in the field, she encountered her first plague victims and found herself getting sick. She attempted to take her own life to "beat" it, drowning herself outside of Caer Darrow.

Some time later, Labrae rose as undead and started her life over, embracing the training of a shadow priest and turning her back on the holy spells she'd grown up with. After several months of wandering the lands with a rogue, Sasori, they were taken in by Noxilite. Labrae completed her training and marched with her guild for many seasons.

During her time in Noxilite, Labrae made many great friends. After a brief and volatile romance with Fourfingers, Labrae became close friends with Melciah, which slowly developed into a romantic relationship. They left the guild, along with the warrior Kank to found the Horde Misfits.

A year later, Labrae met Joseph Tillinghast, aka Hodmedod and offered herself to him as an assistant. This relationship turned to romance as well, eventually leading to their marriage. Hodmedod passed away in March of 2008, leaving her devastated. She fell in love with Zanik Benen not long after, a man she was treating for mental instabilities. They married later in an informal ceremony.

Labrae, Melciah and Zanik now march with Chaos Storm and face The Lich King in Icecrown Citadel.

Labrae kodo

Labrae on her kodo, Nima, age 20.

Personality Edit

Raised in a strict environment, Labrae is easy to fluster. She blushes at the drop of a hat and rarely uses any foul language or slang. She is very even tempered, spending an hour each morning meditating in order to keep her balance. She is rarely sad, almost always smiling, and has a happy-go-lucky outlook on life. She is kind and gentle to all living things, believing everyone has some good in them. She is very meek and shy to people bigger than her (almost everyone) at first. Submissive through and through, she rarely stands up for herself, but will stand up for others readily if the situation calls for it. She values everyone else above herself, and will wear herself out attempting to make other people as happy as possible.

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