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August Enders and Kheprera Lowell are Human women, half-sisters by their mother, Lindsey Lohan (a relative of the famous Erich Lohan who works at the Blue Recluse in Stormwind).

August Enders Edit

Character deleted

Lindsey was first married to a soldier of Lakeshire named Jack Enders, and had a daughter - August. Unfortunately, he died in battle when August was only two years of age.

August is now an intelligent, hard-boiled woman of 28 years. A Paladin of the Silver Hand, she fights diligently to protect her country. However, she has always led a less than virtuous life, and is perennially at odds with the ethical standards espoused by the Church. She has slept with many men, has never set root anywhere, and wanders the world in search of adventure. All in all, she has had a relatively empty and vapid life, but she makes no effort to change it. Quirky and independent, she does whatever, whomever, whenever she pleases.

Lately August has returned to Stormwind and gotten back in touch with her sister, Kheprera, whose chosen lifestyle she disapproves of greatly. She does not shun her at all, though.

Kheprera Lowell Edit

Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Kheprera Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Human Female Ui-charactercreate-classes mage Mage 21 Gambit
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Two years after August's father died, Lindsey remarried Brent Lowell, a miner in Redridge. Kheprera was born, leaving a four-year difference between her and her half-sister.

Kheprera began working early, helping her father out in the mines. However, wanting a better future for their daughter, her parents sent her to Stormwind's Arcane Academy to become a Mage. Unfortunately the family was so poor they could only pay tuitions for the first few years. Kheprera vastly enjoyed being a Mage, however, and wasn't about to go back to the Redridge mines - at sweet sixteen, Kheprera decided to become a freelance prostitute.

Kheprera is now twenty four years old, and continues to struggle with her magic classes. As it turns out, she has almost no aptitude or talent for magic, but she is slowly learning to master it through practice and hard work. Her good business sense has led some to believe that she's smarter than she acts.

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