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General Information

Full Name: Kelilitha Lightbringer
Race: Blood Elf
Age: 65 (human years)
Class: Priest
Professions: Healer, Physician, Tailor, Enchanter
Birthplace: Fairbreeze Village, Quel'Thalas
Companions: Talenin Moontreader

Appearance Edit

Kelilitha has inherited the luminescent beauty of her mother and the toughness of her father. Short in stature, her dedication to the arts of healing and the forces of the holy lend her Kelilitha an aura which draws attention to her wherever she may go.

Personality Edit

Like most of those dedicated to the way of the light, Kelilitha is caring and helpful to those less fortunate and in need of assistance. Her soft spoken, soothing tones make those around her calm in her presence. Kelilitha's only weakness is sometimes caring too much for others and leaving herself vulnerable.

Background Edit

When Kelilitha was still young of age, her paladin father, Ani'thril Lightbringer, died in battle with Night Elf scouts near the harbour at Sunsail Anchorage, west of her home. Her mother, Kelandra, wished her to follow her father's footsteps along the path of light but knew how frought with danger the career of a paladin was. Instead, Kelandra contacted her friend Belestra, a high priestess serving at the Sunfury Spire in Silvermoon City. Belestra agreed to take Kelilitha on as her student and summoned her to the capital.

Kelilitha set out from Fairbreeze Village to begin her new life as a priest and healer, but her travels were drawn to a halt when she came across a deathly ill family at the roadside. As other travellers continued by without sparing a glance at these poor elves, Kelilitha stopped to render assistance. Upon beginning her healing arts, the father of the family placed his hand on Kelilitha's arm and begged her just to slay them all where they lay. It dawned on the young priestess-in-training that these people had been inflicted by the infamous scourge brought upon Quel'Thalas by the evil lich Arthas.

Despite her best efforts, Kelilitha couldn't save the family and instead burned their corpses by the side of the road. It sickened her that people should be denied their final resting place. She vowed to try and find a cure for the scourge infliction, and knew that only through knowledge would she be able to fulfill her promise.

When she reached Silvermoon and had made her way to Sunfury Spire, Kelilitha asked Belestra about the scourge and what efforts had been made to bring it to a halt. The high priestess forbade Kelilitha from letting the scourge problem distract her from study, but the young elf was driven by her vow.

Eventually Kelilitha was dispatched to the Forsaken capital of Undercity to study with the undead in order to better understand the bond between life and flesh. Her teachers there were much less patient than Belestra, and when Kelilitha pressed them for information about the scourge, they bade her travel to Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands. There she would get a taste of just how bad the scourge inflicted the land itself. Kelilitha set off with a caravan of other healers assigned to help the Argent Dawn in their work and they left Tirisfal Glades, riding through the Bulwark at dawn the next morning.

Kelilitha was dismayed by the sense of death hanging over the land. Even the trees were diseased in this forsaken void of life. Instead of quelling her will to find a cure, the experience steeled Kelilitha's resolve. Suddenly, just north of Corin's Crossing, the caravan was set upon by a group of scourge raiders. Many of their guards fell in battle trying to defend the clerics and healers, who managed to escape and ride east to the comparative safety of Light's Hope Chapel.

While recovering from the battle, Kelilitha heard rumours of a vast magic source in the old Dalaran crater far to the southwest. Knowing of the vast magic shield that was erected to protect the old city from the scourge, Kelilitha was given a spark of hope that maybe she would find some answers there. After flying from Light's Hope Chapel back to Undercity, Kelilitha traveled south across Lordamere Lake to the site of the Dalaran crater and, while exploring the ruins, was ambushed by a group of Syndicate rogues.

After being pursued south for a day and a night, the young elf managed to evade her pursuers and found herself on an unfamiliar road. A nearby signpost directed her to the Forsaken settlement of Tarren Mill, and she set off for safety. A short way along the path there was an explosion overhead. Kelilitha looked up to see a flaming zeppelin heading on a crash course for the mountains. Then she noticed something strange and shook her head to clear her vision. After looking again, she saw a young Sin'dorei plummeting to earth after leaping from the burning airship.

The young man landed with a thud in front of Kelilitha and she could see immediately that death had claimed him. Nevertheless, she called upon the spirits of light and attempted to bring his lifeless body back to life. The young elf awoke with a groan and whispered in amazement, thanking her for his rescue. Realising they were in danger, near to a human settlement, Kelilitha helped the elf, who told her he was a mage named Talenin Moontreader, to his feet and together they made their way wearily to the safety of Tarren Mill.

Current Activity Edit

Since finding each other, Kelilitha and Talenin have journeyed together, having discovered that both share a common wish to cleanse the land of the scourge. They can still be found wandering the land together by the light of the silvery moon as they continue to learn the new skills needed to fulfill their aims.

Quotes Edit

"For the glory of the Sunwell, I will cleanse this land of this unholy affliction and restore the beauty of Quel'Thalas of old." after encountering the dying family on the road from Fairbreeze to Silvermoon.

"I will never accept the inability to purge this curse." to Belestra on being told to forget about curing the scourge infliction.

"What living thing could knowingly cause such evil as this?" on seeing the devastation of the Western Plaguelands.

External Links Edit

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