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Character Information Edit


Karney after a long day's work

  • Real Name: Neda Ein
  • Aliases: Karney
  • Age: 16 Years Old
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Dirty Blonde
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Paladin
  • Realm: Feathermoon

Appearance Karney stands just a bit over five-foot high, with her hair color being a dull, dirty blonde. Karney's eyes, a dull grey-ish blue, generally habe a sad look to them, despite the fact that she generally tries to keep a smile on her face. Her skin, a bit darker than average, appears even darker by a thin layer of dirt and soot from working out in the smiths and the fields on a day to day basis - the same can be said for her clothes, which, while plain and practical, appear to be worn and ragged, made worse only by a hint of perpetual dirtiness about them.

Overall, Karney keeps a rather plain and utilitarian appearance,with the exception of a single silver chain that hangs around her neck, holding a worn and slightly damaged military styled 'dog tag'.

History Edit

Born, originally, Neda Ein, Karney is the only daughter of Aeryn Ein. Named after her grandmother, Neda Karney Ein, Neda was the child of tragedy. An unwanted child of an unwanted union, Neda was born unknowingly to the Order of the Silver Hand during a temporary period of absence of her Paladin training. Karney was born in Stormwind, like her grandmother, as Aeryn assisted in the initial repair work of Stormwind City along with the stonemasons. Though Aeryn assists tirelessly in the repair work, her unborn child ultimately forces her to retire briefly to give birth to Neda Ein, and recover.

For some time thereafter, Aeryn and Neda lived in Stormwind - Aeryn keeping her child a secret, while the young Neda knew nothing of her ill origin, or the true nature of her secretive lifestyle. As Aeryn works her way through the ranks of the recovering Stormwind Military, she becomes notorious for her stubbornness in dealing with others, and a generally reclusive lifestyle - it in truth that she is afraid that others might find out about her child and, in turn, as to how she was conceived. Throughout the entire reconstruction of the City, Neda Ein remains totally unknown.

Eventually, however, Aeryn is recalled to her Paladin training, and pulled back toward Lordaeron. Taking her child with her, Aeryn returns to the kingdom of Lordaeron to train with many others in order to become a full-fledged Paladin.

When the fall of Kel'thuzad ushered in the undead scourge, Aeryn and Neda were caught straight in the middle of it. Aeryn, a powerfully trained Paladin, watched as friends and allies fell to the taint, and died, only to be raised from death as the enemy. As the Kingdom of Lordaeron fell into disarray, Aeryn was to be secreted away with the allies of the Alliance, the Wildhammers, in order to finalize her training, along with a handful of others, in order to provide one last effort to fight the enemy.

Neda, still a young girl, became feverish and ill just shortly before Aeryn's departure. Knowing full well that she had to decide between her daughter's life, or the future of the Alliance, Aeryn was in desperation. Salvation came, however, in the form of a single man, Alexander Paddock, who offered to deliver the fevered child to safety with other refugees. Though he never knew that the girl's identity, he was able to deliver her to the recently resurrected City of Stormwind.

During the long journey from Lordaeron to Stormwind, Neda Ein's fever continued to worsen - and many of the passengers feared that she been infected with the Plague of undeath. As the journey went on, and the child's illness refused to wane, passengers began to get restless and uneasy. At one point, there were attempts to throw the girl overboard, but Alexander Paddock was ultimately able to suppress the people's fears under his own vow to take care of the matter if the need should arrive.

By the time the refugees had arrived in Stormwind, Neda had suffered the fever for far too long, and the damage had been done. Her memory had been shattered, and the poor girl was on the verge of death, the taint of undeath ready to seize her. In one last valiant attempt, Paddock sacrificed his life for hers, taking the burden of the girl's affliction as his own. Passing the ill, but redeemed, child into the arms of the refugees, Paddock left the wayward group to disappear into the night. While the child's fever finally broke, and she became healthy again, Paddock was later found to have fallen to Kel'thuzad's influence, and became a Death Knight.

The caravan of refugees, concerned with their own matters,unceremoniously deposited the ill, confused, and amnesiatic Neda Ein on the doorstep of the freshly finished Stormwind Orphanage. With no identity to go by, the confused Matrons searched for any sort of identifier - and found it on the single piece of jewelry that adorned the girl's form. A formal military tag, hanging from a tarnished chain. It had belonged to Neda's grandmother, Neda Karney Ein. The chain, tarnished and worn, was nearly illegible, save for the word 'Karney' - and thus, Neda Ein became, quite simply, Karney.

Even without her memory, Karney remained relatively happy and carefree. Under the support and warmth of the Orphanage Matrons, she became rather independent and hardworking, leaving the Orphanage after a short time to go out into the world, helping those that she could in any manner that she could manage. It is her belief that, in time, all things will make themselves known to her. But until then, she has no reason to wait idly for it.

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