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Karlos avatar

Information Edit

Name: Karlos Montoya

Server: Feathermoon

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Rogue

Guild: Alliance Swashbucklers

Rank: Admiral/Commodore (retired)

Quote: "Vio con dios, amigo."

Professions: Alchemy, Herbalism

Appearance Edit

Tall, lean frame and slender muscular build. Skin is tan and weathered by the sun and sea. Exceptionally well-groomed, nearly to the point of vanity. A thin scar runs across his right eye, usually adorned by a fancy well-crafted eyepatch.

A rogueish grin paints his expression, and a playful spark peers out from behind his eyes. His demeanor is dashing, foolhardy, and slightly shifty.

An atmosphere of optimism can be observed in his fun-loving nature, and his entire face lights up at the sound of doing something exceedingly dangerous, and slightly "illegal."

About 28 Years Ago Edit

Karlos was born at sea during the exodus to the city of Lordaeron about twenty-eight years ago, narrowly escaping death as the orcs destroyed Old Stormwind. Led by his father Inigo Montoya, Karlos and his family were forced to join the remainder of the human exodus, as their ship was destroyed by a massive storm. Arriving in Lordaeron, Karlos and his family worked to recapture their former glory by working alongside the navy of Lordaeron as merchant marines, earning command of their own ship. As Karlos reached the age of eight, his family heard word of the reconstruction of Stormwind and set out to help reestablish trade routes between Lordaeron and Stormwind, fending off attacks and safely moving cargo. Over the years his family regained their infamous reputation at sea, defending the honor of Lordaeron and working to assist Stormwind, though his uncle Diego was killed in battle defending a ship of precious supplies bound for Stormwind during this time.

About 7 Years Ago Edit

The Plague had begun sweeping over the northern kingdom of Lordaeron. Karlos' mother Providencia fell to the armies of the Scourge, even as their family fought to evacuate any survivors they could. Inigo was crushed by her death, but had to move quickly to save what remained of his family and the many survivors they had taken on board their ship. As Jaina Proudmoore set out for Kalimdor, Inigo led the Montoya family south to Stormwind, in hopes of finding help there. They were met with arrogance and dissension by many of the nobles of Stormwind, who cut off support for the Montoya family, declaring them pirates and rebels. When word reached the Montoya family of Admiral Daelin Proudmoore's death, they set out to rendezvous with Jaina Proudmoore and offer their assistance. They arrived at Jaina's newly constructed city on Theramore Isle, and found work in defending the trade route between Theramore, and Menethil Harbor where they made their home.

About 5 Years Ago Edit

One fateful night, Inigo set out from Menethil Harbor to Ratchet alone, leaving his family at their lodgings in Menethil Harbor. Karlos wanted to go with his father, but Inigo insisted on going alone, and asked Karlos to remain behind to watch over his Aunt Esmerelda as she had fallen ill. Karlos and his aunt awaited Inigo's return from Ratchet as days stretched into weeks with no word. Karlos was ready to set out to find his father himself, when Captain Tidewater, an old friend of the Montoya family, came knocking on their door with grave news; Inigo was killed. He had apparently met his fate at the hands of a murderous orc in Ratchet, who was now on his way to tie up loose ends in Menethil and finish off what remained of the Montoya family. Karlos wanted nothing more than to set a trap for his father's killer and gut him like a fish, but his aunt was too weak to fight, and the two of them were all that remained of the family.

They packed quickly and headed for the road. A vicious storm had blown in that night, but Karlos and Esmeralda fought through it to flee Menethil Harbor on land. As they neared the bridge into the swamps they were cut off by a dark mysterious orc who stood in their way, accompanied by a band of armed mercenaries. His face was masked, ice blue eyes gleaming with mirth. As the orc reached for his sword, Karlos noticed a strangle oddity about him; he had six fingers on his right hand. The orc slowly drew his sword and pointed it at Karlos...Inigo's sword! The blade had been passed down through their family for generations, and Karlos knew that his father Inigo would die before letting it fall into the wrong hands.

Karlos flew into a rage, striking out at the six-fingered orc, but it was a hopeless fight. Outnumbered as they were, they stood no chance against the bandits who had come to kill them. Karlos was struck to his knees, beaten, and stared defiantly up at his father's killer. The six-fingered orc pointed Karlos and growled, "Ye fight with th fury o' the sea herself boy, jus' like yer pappy. But I ain't here ta--" His words were cut off by a rageful cry and the clashing of blades as Captain Tidewater and his crew joined the fray. Karlos snatched his aunt out of harms way and fled down the road, making for the pass of Dun Algaz.

They traveled south to Elwynn Forest and sought refuge in a hideout kept by some old friends. Over the course of weeks, Esmerelda regained her strength. She disguised herself and went under an assumed name, remaining in hiding as she went into business breeding cats. Karlos began working as a hired sword in Elwynn Forest, and an honorable thief on the streets of Stormwind. The death of his father still clutched his heart, driving him towards revenge. Leaving his aunt safely hidden, Karlos set out from Elwynn Forest to avenge his father and reclaim his family's sword, though he soon found that taking that on alone was nearly impossible. Disgusted by the politics of Stormwind, he booked passage to Theramore to seek out the council of Jaina Proudmoore. Under Miss Proudmoore's legal signature Karlos founded the Swashbucklers, recruiting adventurers from the far corners of Azeroth.

Word of the Swashbucklers shady "off the books" operations soon reached the nobles of Stormwind. Quickly the nobles of Stormwind pressured Miss Proudmoore to sever her ties with her band of pirates, or face dire consequences. Karlos and Jaina agreed to sever their ties, though she quietly offers support and safe refuge for the Swashbucklers at Theramore Isle to this day.

About 4 Years Ago Edit

Karlos set out for Ratchet, searching for evidence of his father's killer. He was attacked in a dark alleyway by a band of Syndicate agents and nearly killed before an orcish mercenary jumped into the fray and fought them off. He awoke under the care witch doctors in Booty Bay, minus one eye but otherwise healthy. The orc who had saved his hide was there: Brakkis Seafury, a pirate of some growing reputation. The two began talking, found they had much in common, and agreed to form an accord. Karlos would continue overseeing Swashbucklers Alliance division, while Brakkis would take up oversight of Swashbucklers new Horde division. The Swashbucklers then became a neutral faction strong enough to stand on their own, with two divisions, Alliance and Horde.

Strong ties were established with the goblin Steamwheedle Cartel for financial support and trade purposes. Karlos began working with the Argent Dawn up north in battling the Scourge, seeking justice and fighting to reclaim Lordaeron. Upon reaching the far eastern reaches of the Plaguelands, Karlos came upon Light's Hope Chapel, only to find his father Inigo there alive and well! Inigo had given up the sword and taken up the priesthood, serving as a minister to the Light in the Brotherhood of the Light, a stronger and shadier element of the Argent Dawn. He passed the Montoya family sword on to Karlos and caught him up on years lost, sharing the story of his "death" (below).

(Flashback to About 5 Years Ago) Edit

Inigo had been marked for death in the aftermath of the Plague that had taken their home from them years ago. The Syndicate had been hunting him for years, and he had to get them off his back once and for all. He arranged to fake his own death and have the family sword returned safely to Karlos in Menethil. For this purpose, he retained the services of an old friend who owed him a favor: the infamous six-fingered orc himself. Inigo had given the orcish pirate his family sword, entrusting him to deliver it to his son Karlos safely, and went into hiding. The six-fingered orc did his job well, spreading rumors of Inigo's death by his hands, and set sail for Menethil to find Karlos and deliver his father's sword.

The Syndicate bought the ruse, but sadly the rumors reached Menethil before they did. When he had arrived to deliver the sword to Karlos in Menethil, Karlos believed him to be his father's killer. The six-fingered orc tried to offer the Montoya family sword to Karlos, but was never given the chance as Karlos struck back in revenge, and Captain Tidewater had turned the tables on the fight. The grumbling orc sought out Inigo in Southshore and gave him the news. Inigo solemnly accepted the return of his family sword, and decided that it was best that he remain in hiding for a while, dead to the world. The six-fingered orc swore to him that he would make up for his failure in Menethil. Inigo accepted his promise and sent him on his way.

The death of Inigo's beloved wife Provi had begun to weigh more heavily upon him. It had broken his heart to lose her, but to see her fall to the Plague had torn at his soul. He wondered if she still wandered the lands of Lordaeron, now known only as the Plaguelands. Was she among the Scourge? Had she become one of the Forsaken? Was she cursed to live among the undead, or had she perished forever? He had to know, even if it took his last breath. The Plaguelands were overrun by the Scourge, knocking on the doorstep of the city of Lordaeron where the Forsaken had made their home. He traveled to the old city of Lordaeron, now known as the Undercity, and made contact with an agent of the Forsaken. They refused to help him search for the answer to Provi's fate, insisting that regardless of what had happened to her, the wife that he knew and loved had passed away. He was allowed to leave the city and warned never to return, as the Forsasken warned him that Lordaeron now belonged to the dead.

Crushed and hopeless, Inigo was left with nowhere else to turn, but to the Holy Light. He sought out the Argent Dawn and swore his fealty to them, giving up the sword for the faith. He kept the Montoya family sword safely hidden beneath the pews at Light's Hope Chapel, and began working with the Brotherhood of the Light, a stronger and more willful division of the Argent Dawn. He continued working with them in the Plaguelands, fighting the endless war against the Scourge and seeking the truth of Provi's fate. Wishing to see his son again, he brought his concerns to the priesthood of Light's Hope Chapel, but they assured him that his son would find him in due time, that there were greater powers at work and he had to remain hidden, dead to the world, until the time was right. He gravely accepted their council, and chose instead to cash in on an old favor, writing a letter to his old friend the six-fingered orc. There was one way the old orcish pirate could repay the favor to him: seeking out Karlos and forming an accord, working alongside him and staying in correspondence with Inigo to keep him informed on his son's welfare. He advised the six-fingered orc NOT to reveal his identity to Karlos until the time was right, by keeping his six-fingered hand gloved and covered in Karlos' presence. The six-fingered orc was none other than Brakkis Seafury.

About 2 Years Ago Edit

The Swashbucklers had grown strong on both sides of the fence, working one side within Alliance affairs and the other within the realm of the Horde. Working through the goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel had proved more than profitable, and allowed the Swashbucklers to connect their two disparate sides in unique ways. Karlos had long since become well known for his amorous nature, or as he called it, "An appreciation for the finest things in life: good wine, good company, and beautiful women; not necessarily in that order!" One fateful day on a visit to the Darkmoon Faire, his wandering heart found itself stolen by an exotic gypsy night elf by the name of Alykia Darkmoon. They courted for months, spending their days plundering and their nights in each others' arms. Alykia and some of her fellow gypsies merged with the Swashies, and she took on officership to assist in leading.

They soon became engaged, and Karlos sent word to his father at Light's Hope Chapel. Inigo traveled south to the jungles of Stranglethorn, where Karlos and Alykia were joined in marriage at the peak of a waterfall overlooking the sea. Swashbucklers from both sides came to witness the union of the two beloved, and carried the celebration well into the next morning. Karlos and Alykia took their honeymoon to Kalimdor, traveling to the distant reaches of the slopes of Mount Hyjal.

About 1 Year Ago Edit

Some months after the honeymoon, Alykia set out to meet up with the Darkmoon Faire and spend some time with her adopted father, Silas Darkmoon. Karlos accompanied her for a few days, but was called to return to duty with the Swashbucklers and left her there with her family. While Karlos was serving alongside his fellow Swashies, Alykia undertook a secretive and dangerous mission that led her to travel alone to southern Azeroth. Karlos received a correspondence from Silas Darkmoon, with a calling card included: A Darkmoon Faire Card of the Maelstrom. He informed him that his daughter Alykia was late returning, and he was worried for her. She was last sighted in Stranglethorn Vale.

Karlos traveled to Stranglethorn Vale and searched diligently for his missing wife. The trail was going cold until a half-crazed troll witch doctor pointed him down the road north of Booty Bay with ominous warnings. A thorough search of the southern jungles brought him to the corpse of Alykia's beloved wolf Nyx. He knew that Nyx had been like family to her, and she never traveled without him. Saddened by the loss, Karlos was driven to desperation. He must find her!

A few scuffles, slit throats, and broken noses later, Karlos found the trail pointing to the Dark Portal. Gritting his teeth, he took the portal to Outland (the shattered remains of Draenor) and continued the search. He had already spent some time in Outland in the past months, exploring its far reaches and plundering what he could, but now he was on a mission to find his beloved. His worst fears were confirmed when he found her broken corpse at the bottom of the Celestial Ridge. Wracked by sorrow, he took her body back to Azeroth and brought her to Light's Hope Chapel. His father Inigo mourned with him, and they laid her to rest. The two now had something more in common; they had both tragically lost their beloved wife.

Karlos spent some time in mourning and council with his father at Light's Hope Chapel before returning to service with the Swashbucklers. He served with the Swashies for several months more, plundering the reaches of Outland and watching the Swashies thrive and grow into a force to be reckoned with. The Swashies had become something unique and unparalleled, but Karlos himself found himself running out of energy. Alykia's death had taken a toll on him, and the years of war and strife had left their scars. He passed command of the Swashies' Alliance division on to his faithful friend and companion Taradarion, and retired from piracy to seek some peace. He traveled back to Light's Hope Chapel, and was never seen or heard from again for some time.

A Few Months Ago Edit

Karlos never seemed to fully fit into life at Light's Hope, and kept an inquisitive eye on matters. One of these matters turned out to be fatal when apparently Karlos learned too much for someone's liking. Karlos Montoya was found dead in his quarters in the early summer, the apparent victim of having drunk himself to death.

The Swashbucklers, having heard the news, would not believe that a man of Karlos' appetites could fall victim to booze and investigated the matter on their trip to retrieve their friend and old commander's body. Commodore Taradarion's assistant Vajitya began looking into the matter ahead of the main group, and quickly found herself in trouble as well. The Swashbucklers, along with friends of Karlos from the Order of the Storm, arrived to find Vajitya knocked unconscious in the brush. She had been questioning a mage named Artaemus who had recently arrived as a worker for the Dawn, when he lured her away from Light's Hope with promises of information, and ambushed her with an unknown accomplice holding a shield of the Scarlet Crusade.

When the Swashies investigated the nearby Scarlet Crusade stronghold of Tyr's Hand, they found Karlos' decomposing body in the upper bell tower of the abbey. They were most distressed when the body moved, and Karlos rose. His remains seemed to be as those of the Scourge, but with some slight remnant of personality. The remains of Karlos seemed confused, although he eventually recognized his former friends. Despondent, the shell left of Karlos threw himself at his friends, forcing Professor Duinanine Frostpage to destroy his friend old.

Karlos' body was returned to the Sparrowhawk in Theramore, where it was put out to sea in Karlos' private dinghy. Several casks of the finest and most volatile rum that could be found were donated to the previous Commodore, and his body was put to rest in the sea, set aflame by arrows as the dinghy drifted away with the man the Swashbucklers learned so much from.

The Return Edit

(Coming soon!)

Resources Edit

Comments Edit

Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Karlos Alliance 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Human Male Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Rogue 70 Alliance Swashbucklers
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

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