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Information Edit

  • Name: Jariana d'Arren
  • Gender: Female

Appearance Edit

Jariana stands a little under the average height of a typical human woman and possesses a very lithe build, looking more like a dancer rather than a soldier. Her olive skin has been well tanned from years of training outdoors and her face is youthful, but constantly looks haggard and careworn. Jariana's round brown eyes seem to be much older than the twenty-six years they have seen. Typically her black hair is pulled back from her face and simply tied. Most of the time it is hidden under her helmet, but if it is seen in the sunlight it has a reddish tinge to it. She also has an old scar that runs down her right cheek that she will trace absentmindedly with her hand when thinking.

Despite her small frame Jariana wears her battered but well cared for armor like a second skin. On the rare occasion she is seen out of it, she typically wears a simple dress without any other jewelry or adornments other than her weapon (if she can get away with it) and her libram. However, her discomfort in this apparel is extremely obvious and she has been known to wear plate greaves under her dresses just for her own peace of mind.

Jariana carries herself as an old soldier would, reminding a gnome acquaintance of hers of a coiled spring in one of his more explosive experiments. Her hand rarely strays from her weapon and her eyes never rest, always looking for possible threats. Her movements are very graceful, emphasizing efficiency over fluidity. In battle, her fighting style is reminiscent of the methods used by the Lordaeron army. However, despite this obvious military connection she carries no symbol of rank nor does she call herself by any title.

History Edit

To Be Added.

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