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Janje - Priestess of Razor Hill Edit

Realm: Feathermoon
Race: Troll
Class: Priest
Professions: Tailoring, Enchanting

Janje is a female troll priestess, who lives and cares for the town of Razor Hill, south of Ogrimmar. She also regularly goes around Durotar to visit the small hidden tribes and brings them food and healing.

Description Edit

She had white hair, long, and usually tied into a thick braid down her back. She is always neat and clean, being quite obsessed with taking a bath or shower every day. Her clothes are always clean, and even though she has hundreds of robes, she had a few favorites. Namely the blue linen robe, which she wears whenever she is to give a speech.

By the troll age standards, she is but a teenager, perhaps sixteen or seventeen, but wisdom seems to have come to her early, as happens often in Azeroth.

She is always wearing a dress, without fail. Unless she meets a new wyvern master who would require her to hitch up her skirts inappropriately, she tries hard not to show off her legs. Her wrists and arms are the same, always covered. Only rarely will she show off her skin in any large amount. Even in dresses everyone else considers appropriate, she will have a shirt on underneath. She's a bit of a prude that way.

Even though trolls regenerate, she has a few lasting scars that'll never fade. A nibble mark is on her left ear, easily healed by she has never gotten rid of the scar. Her left leg has a severe limp, though few have seen the reason why. Lastly, her arms and stomach have age old scars, but she never is without both being covered, so again, few have seen them.

If one were to see her randomly on the streets of Razor Hill they would know her for a priestess, she carries herself with dignity (usually) and grace.

Companions Edit

Janje is hardly far from her two constant companions.

  • Prancer

Prancer is her mount, who she calls "Missus Pranca!"

An emerald green raptor given to her as a gift, the two formed a bond early on, and have been riding together ever since. The raptor is slow, but sure footed and has incredible stamina, unless Prancer is trying to outrun the mounts built for speed. Recently Janje noticed Prancer getting tired from trying to be fast, and does her best to help her mount not speed too much.

  • Tubbyguts

An... odd... name for a baby dragon.

"Missta Tubbyguts!" is Janje's baby dragon. Greesha, one of Janje's best friends, gave the dragon to her after Uthas' plague killed her bunny (Mister MightyBun the Second). Tubbyguts will eat anything put in front of him.

  • Both Tubbyguts and Prancer eat a lot of pig, pig men, and anything to do with bacon. So Janje carries around with her a constant supply of dried pig guts, which she also sneaks off to all hunter animals she meets.

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