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Physical DescriptionEdit

Iselian stands at a tall 7 feet, weighing just over 200 pounds. His physique he largely blames on the heavy armor he constantly wears, often saying "You'd be forced to build muscle too, if you had to wear three tons of metal everywhere." His hair is kept short and (thanks to Xavi's hawkstrider) clean. His eyes are gold from the infusion of Light over events in the past.

Personality DescriptionEdit

Iselian is a very active person, always preferring the course of action over idle waiting. He often says "There's always something that can be done." He throws himself at everything he does, giving the fullest effort whether it's a simple task or a large-scale operation. To his enemies, he's nothing short of ice-cold in the field of battle. To his friends, he's a fire-filled hearth of compassion and support, and to those meeting him for the first time will meet a friendly elf who seems to be reserving a bit of judgement.


Pre-game PastEdit

Iselian was born into a small family of traders who specialized in gathering. He joined into the business, collecting herbs and skinning leather. As he came of age, he was going to take a larger part in the merchant-trade, but the Scourge decided otherwise. As Silvermoon was assaulted, he, his parents, and his brother all fled to the south.

As the Sunwell fell and Kel'Thuzad rose, the Keth'Aro family searched for a new source of magic to siphon. Their attempts following many others in being futile, they went as far south as the edges of Stratholme. After straying for too long, when the hunger was at its worst, another traveler met with them and told them of Kael'Thas and M'uru.

They quickly made their way to Silvermoon, but it was too late; Iselian's brother would not wake one morning in the Ghostlands. Swearing in anger to the Arcane, Iselian was determined to find a dependancy off of it. He signed immediately with the Blood Knights upon reaching Silvermoon.

<Golden Destiny>Edit

When his training began, he found that he had a natural tendency towards the polearms, axes, and larger two-handed weapons. The Blood Knights were unfortunately still treating M'uru as a plaything and their arrogance did not sit well with Iselian. Only fifteen seasons in, he sought others to assist his training and found the court of Golden Destiny. It was here that he and his close friend Celyst, who had met with him in travels of Ghostlands, found their newest home.

He was quiet at first within the court. Not wishing to upset the Queen or higher officers, Iselian did only as told, acting little and speaking less. Outside of the guild hall he found his freedom, happily chatting with Celyst most of the time and making acquaintances slowly. In his 29th season he took part in a tournament for the court. Besting first Celyst and then a young mage in combat, the paladin proved himself the most capable combatant within his season's range. The Guard Captain, Horenia, took immediate notice and invited Iselian to be a part of the Royal Guard.

During a quiet meeting where little in the guild happened, a mark in Iselian's life occured. At first, he only smiled at the tiny mage to reassure her; she looked so scared, he couldn't help but try to make her feel more at home. She smiled back, and the meeting ended. A day later, she sought him through mental connection, giving thanks for the smile, for it had meant so much to her. Iselian reiterated that it meant little and cost him no effort. Even still, she persisted her thanks and expressed interest in meeting with him. He agreed. Soon Xavencia and he were in Arathi, speaking. It was the beginning to a long relationship.

The life of the Guard was short, but the impression it would leave on Iselian holds to this day. Immediately he was squired to a current Guard, Aelean. Not more than twenty-four hours later, however, Aelean left from the court, departing into Feralas and not seen again. Horenia took it upon himself to squire both Iselian and later Celyst himself, but all too soon the Queen fell to her own blade and the Guard, with all of Golden Destiny, was disbanded. He vowed to Xavencia to remain with her, and alongside Celyst and Pretts the four gave a promise to never separate.

<Silver Council>Edit

Though Golden Destiny had lost one of its leaders, those who remained vowed to carry on under a new banner. So it was that Silver Council was formed and a new method of arrangement followed. Horenia, departing to his own ways, encouraged Iselian to leadership. Kaladney and Azavia both agreed with Horenia, and after a vote, Iselian found himself at the head of the War Council.

He swore against the Alliance that had betrayed the Sin'Dorei and against the Legion and Kael'Thas. The large, two-handed weapons in his arsenal were replaced with a sword and shield. He wore plate now and found his body developing to suit the new needs demanded by his combating states. Xavencia remained with him, as did Celyst and Pretts. From Tanaris to the Eastern Plaguelands, Iselian met Kal'dorei and Gnome blow for blow, besting in many fights and learning quickly from those that were losses.

The Council grew restless as some of the higher members departed again for their own ways. His old Captain Horenia kept long in touch with Iselian and the two shared a mutual hatred for Alliance. Just as on the battlefield, Iselian learned off of it as well. He saw leaders who did not lead, and those who would have to cover their work. He took note of what would suffice, what would excel, and what failed.

The False Prince fell and Illidan not far behind. Kil'Jaeden made a bid for Azeroth, but was quickly repelled. Iselian took his learnings and applied them to the Isle of Quel'Danas, commanding many of the Silver Council in what he believed to be an effective manner.

His latest student, Terrin, excelled well beyond Iselian's expectations and the two quickly became friends. Like Iselian, Terrin was a paladin who kept a cool head and executed within combat with deadly efficiency. The two shared a love for the protective training and would often compete to see who could hold an enemy's attention. The Council had lost some members, but gained many more and it was exciting to see their growth.

The excitement was stolen when Iselian was speaking in the hall one day, to find many who disagreed heavily with his beliefs in the Light. He sought to prove them wrong, in that the Light could be their salvation rather than downfall. Journeying to the Exodar, Iselian infiltrated it and found himself face-to-face with the ship's naaru, O'ros.

Not hesitating, Iselian attempted to tap into O'ros as he'd done so often with M'uru. This naaru was not subdued, however, and retaliated at the paladin with a surge of Light far too great for the blood elf to handle. Managing to use his hearthstone and flee to the mountains of Nagrand, Iselian called for help to Celyst and Xavencia. The mage and huntress came quickly, and using the mage's powers of channelling, gave Iselian a means by which to release his excess of Light. A pillar of energy flew to the sky in a furious blast, crippling both Iselian and Xavencia. Celyst cared for them both until they awoke, and Iselian found his eyes had become a golden color. He sought neither arcane nor fel in any form now; only Light would feed his addiction.

<Sword and Quill>Edit

Though the reception of his new eyes was not well-received at the start, the Silver Council grew to accept this new fact about their War Councillor. While many had joined the Council, however, many began to wane in their loyalty to it. It came to a single night that Iselian was not present, when a large group of members departed their own ways. Pretts, now the leader of the Council, determined that the time was long overdue to re-define the court's ideals and mission. He called for the remaining members to gather and spoke of Northrend, now the focal point of the Horde, Alliance, and newly formed Argent Crusade's resources.

The group agreed that the officers were to be condensed to only three; a social and political leader, a military leader, and the overseer of the two. Iselian knew his expertise in combat was greater than the others and readily agreed to being named the Sword. Memories of the Guard quickly reminded him of how fragile a structure could be and so he did not hesitate in devising a system of rankings for his division that would be secure, yet simple.

Recently Iselian has been assisting in action against Scourge with the neutral group, the Band of the Golden Flame. While he has had his disagreements with them or his opinions against (due to their races mostly being from the Alliance) he still works with them against the common threat. He also helps to organize defense groups inside Horde cities when Alliance attack.

He now leads the Sword, overseeing the three ranks within. His love with Xavencia never faltered and they are raising their first child, a son named Ruien who bears the same golden eyes.

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