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Yearly Events Edit

Battle at the Crossroads Edit

A frequent site of Alliance antagonism of younger Horde players, situated deep within the Horde territory of The Barrens. Not as common a site of combat as Hillsbrad on account of its remoteness from Alliance lands, Crossroads nevertheless suffered and continues to suffer from its fair share of assaults, exacerbated by the relatively low character level of Horde players within the Barrens (especially since Alliance characters reaching the Crossroads are, minimum, above level 30 due to the difficulty of crossing the Dustwallow Marsh).

The Rose Ball Edit

A celebration held every year in Darnassus by the Order of the Rose.

Archdruid "elections" Edit

Each year during the first week of May the Archdruid of Kalimdor is selected. The Archdruid represents the interests of all druids, Tauren and Night Elf, and traditionally serves as a moderating influence on Archdruid Staghelm. While called an election, and indeed votes are cast, the current Archdruid merely takes the votes into consideration while selecting a successor. Archdruid Nim began the tradition, and passed the garland on to Chelody Smallwing.

2005 Events Edit

Purgatory Dust Edit

02/18/05 - A note on Tarquin's Pillow.

RP Pride Parade Edit

3/10/05 - Dozens and dozens of people marched slowly on a set path through Azeroth in mutual respect and celebration.

The Battle of Hillsbrad Edit

April 2005 to October 2005 - This title refers to the most intense period of inter-faction warfare which focused on the environs in and around the Horde town of Tarren Mill in the Hillsbrad Foothills. Considered by many to be the ordeal which gave rise to some of the best and worst examples of the PvP skill and decorum in the history of Azeroth. For an in-depth history of the Battle, click here.

Many Horde players associate their first and most educational PvP experiences with pitched defences of the Crossroads, usually against larger forces comprised of higher level players.

Damita’s Storytelling Contest Edit

4/5/05 - This girl from the Boomstick Gang demonstrates her great ability for storytelling, and event-holding!

Theatrical Brigade’s Fifth Edit

4/6/05 - Check out our show, a stop in to one of Uthas’ first sermons, and an after party!

Theatrical Brigade’s Sixth Edit

4/14/05 - Hidey-go-sneak with Ashlin and Raels, the Stranglethorn show, and the zombie-cult attack on Booty Bay!


King of the hill!

King-of-the-Hill Games Edit

4/16/05 and 5/7/05 - Scrollhaven holds a wild skirmish battle-party atop a Barrens hill!

Uthas’ Service on Pride Edit

5/4/05 - Uthas warns us about the risks of reward for slaughter!


The Theatrical Brigade does a ninth show!

Theatrical Brigade's Ninth Edit

5/10/05 – Underwater? That's logistical insanity! But a fun idea. Let's do it!

Uthas' Service on Springtime Edit

5/11/05 – Renewal, regrowth, rebirth, cha-cha-cha!

Server:Feathermoon US/Theatrical Brigade's Tenth Edit

5/17/05 – Guess what? Azi authorized the first Horde-only show! She wasn't even there, but Redeem and Eon sent some photos!


Service for Uthas.

Precipice of Oblivion Edit

06/??/05 - Scrollhaven and friends enter the Twisting Nether to save loved ones.

Service for Uthas Edit

08/10/05 - A service for fallen spiritual leader Uthas.


Server:Feathermoon US/Matsujin's funeral.

Funeral of Lakota Matsu Edit

10/04/05 - A service for fallen spiritual leader Matsujin.

Uthas Does Uther's Edit

10/13/05 - Uthas holds a service at the tomb of Uther. Uthas addresses attendees amidst the bloodshed. Uthas holds a service at Uther's Tomb. There is bloodshed. Uthas announces his intentions with the camp for The Dispossessed.

Cinther Attacks Booty Bay Edit

12/10/05- In a mass slaughter, Cinther asssembles his army and lays waste to Booty Bay, cutting down every Booty Bay Bruiser and citizen ((NPC)) of the town.

The Dispossessed Edit

12/??/05-1/??/06- In a startling turn of events, a seemingly-magnanimous effort turns out to have a grim ulterior motive...

2006 Events Edit

The Lust Edit


Baji's Art for The Lust.

10 April 2006 - An open roleplaying event scripted and guided by Azi and Baji of, The Lust was a series of episodic mysteries and clues, with the participants going about their investigations in their own way. The story centered around Azi and Baji investigating the source and purpose of an insidious elixir known as The Juice, ending in a massive, demon-influenced brawl over Dreadmist Peak. External Link

Dredd and the Guardians of Malignon Edit

On July 14, 2006, Dredd posted on the general forums how his guild (the Guardians of Malignon) helped him through a RL cancer, aiding not only spiritually, but also financially. His post generated lots of forum traffic, with well-wishers from other forums coming to congratulate the FM community and the Guardians. He also gave Feathermoon a reason to be known in the WoW community that did not involve Deeprun Trams.

Remember Tarren Mill Edit

10/17/06 - An event hosted by Adlebar "Schism" Wildhammer in response to the continued forum complaints that World PvP and Feathermooner vs Feathermooner PvP was gone. It ended in a total rampage of Horde vs Alliance with many battles taking place even outside Hillsbrad Foothills, and several cities being invaded.


Katharsis, Gilorien, and Azi turn 60!

Theatrical Brigade's 19th Edit

10/19/06 - Katharsis, Gilorien, and Azi all reach 60, and there is a party to celebrate Katharsis, creator of

Undated Events Edit

If you know the date of one of the events below, please add it and move it above so it fits in the chronological order.

The Dark Child's Tome Edit

(Enter a description here!)

The Peace Summit Edit

A gathering of many Horde and Alliance guilds in Gadgetzan. Through translators, they worked out many of concerns between the opposing factions, at least temporarily.

The Tri-City Assault Edit

GuildWatch's assault on the Undercity.

The Trial of Shaila Viridiant Edit

Following The Tri-City Assault, human rogue Shaila Viridiant is accused of conspiracy to commit treason against the Alliance, and is taken to trial.

The Death of Fenria Edit

The Loss of Fenria, beloved dwarf of all the alliance

The First Death of Uthas Edit

(Enter a description here!)

The Second Death of Uthas Edit

(Enter a description here!)

The Battle of Hearthglen Edit

(Enter a description here!)

Umbral Endings Edit

(Enter a description here!)

Absolution Edit

(Enter a description here!)

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