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Galean von Carnadin, Lady Warlock, Forsaken Edit

Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Galean Horde 15 Feathermoon IconSmall Undead Female Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Warlock 30 The Undead Legion
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Galean von Carnadin is a soft-spoken, but sly and sharp-witted woman of low birth. Her time studying under her benevolent master developed her abilities in fire magic. Soft-spoken but ambitious, she delved into her mentor's library and discovered forbidden scrolls detailing the warlock arts. Her background in pyrotechnics, mixed with her knowledge of demonic force, makes here talented in the art of Destruction - Current Build

Background and History Edit


Galean seems to have become more wiley and outspoken in undeath.

28 years at time of death

Born Galean Brenault, to a poor miller and his wife in Hillsbrad, she was singled out by a travelling Dalaran scholar seeking apprentices. Her parents were guaranteed a living so long as their daughter succeeded in her studies. She proved to be rather cunning, and as her mentor suspected she was well-attuned to ley flows.

Galean first met her future husband, Ignati von Carnadin when they met on the docks of Southshore on a particularly rainy day. Though she was already soaked to the skin, he offered her his own cloak for shelter, and they were soon both drenched. They spent a little time together at the inn and even travelled back to Dalaran together before parting ways. Ignati was immediately stricken by her beauty - Galean by his gentlemanly charm (and position in society).

Galean's mentor was, it turns out, a family friend of the noble house of von Carnadin, and it is through the occasional parties and dinners she met with and was wooed by Ignati. Their first night together again was filled with much passion - Ignati spared no effort in quietly leaving the party with Galean in tow, taking her into his chambers. For the longest time, this is how they carried on, expressing their love in secret.

This tumultuous peace collapsed when Ignati announced that he would not marry his cousin whom his family had arranged for him to wed. Even more chaos was stirred up when he announced and introduced the woman he was to marry - Galean. It was not only his cousin who was dismayed, but the myriad bachelorettes of society that had their eyes on him for the longest time - though truth be told, they knew of his secret rendezvous long before his announcement.

The truth of the matter is that they had wed in secret, in a visit to the Dalaran courthouse (and a nearby monastery of the Church of the Holy Light).

Some say that she did the wooing - the fact that someone of such irrevocably low birth had married so far up was a slap in the face, and a blemish on the nobility. Ignati's family always disliked Galean extremely, but never mistreated her for fear of estranging their eldest son. And so Ignati and Galean were able to freely express their devotion and passion for one another within the bonds of matrimony.

She died when Dalaran fell to the Burning Legion. Her body was stolen by the Scourge and she later rose as a Forsaken.

When she awoke in the Shadow Grave of Deathknell, her ring had long been gone - any jewelry left on stolen corpses was taken and used in furthering the Forsaken's efforts. Much of her memory of her former life was also gone, her thoughts turning to the dark hunger for power that had, before death, led her to become a Warlock. Without her memories she would become another pawn for Forsaken, but as fate would have it...

For a while, Galean was a dutiful Forsaken, continuing to expand her warlock powers and working as a clerk in Brill and Undercity. She had long since given up on meeting Ignati again, until he came looking for her on a particularly rainy day. Neither of them could recognize the other by sight, having been rotted and twisted in the Transition. Yet they felt something, a connection - their souls crying out to each other and yearning to be one again.

Although they are together again, Galean is still struggling with the changes in their personalities and identities due to undeath. She is also increasingly wary of Ignati's spending time with another warlock, Delial.

A work in constant progress - more to come!

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